Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: This Love by Nazarea Andrews

The campus tour of back-to-school escapes stops today in Louisiana at the University of Branton. Topics covered in this course include romance with your professor and sex on the beach. Can you get an A+ like this book?

Author interview with Nazarea Andrews to follow... 

This Love (University of Branton Book 1) by Nazarea Andrews
(Grades will be given in lieu of stars for these titles)

Atticus Grimes is one sexy, young history professor in need of a research assistant for his book on pirates. Oh yeah, that’s hot. Where were those classes when I was an undergrad?

Avery Emili is college student in need of some cash to attend her sister’s Jamaican wedding.

Both have been burned by love. But the sparks fly when Avery takes a summer job helping him with his book.

It starts out with a lot of sexual tension till Avery and Atticus can’t deny their attraction to each other any longer. (Who knew shopping for office supplies and apartments could be so exhilarating?)
 “She moans, a soft needy noise. It drives me crazy. My mouth opens on her neck, tracing a path with my tongue. She moans, her arm coming up as her fingers tangle in my hair. One of my hands splays across her stomach, and it takes every ounce of willpower to not slide lower. ‘Tell me to stop, Avery,’ I whisper, nibbling at her ear.”
The chemistry between them is amazing; I was rooting for them right off the bat. Both are great characters. Avery is smart and down to earth. Atticus is a tad bit of a bad boy which makes him sexy and alluring.

Their relationship is not without obstacles, aside from the professor/student dynamics. Atticus’s best friend, arrogant lawyer Dane, doesn't like her. His ex wants him back. And her ex might just be waiting for her at her sister’s wedding.

In addition to researching pirates, there’s also a steamy trip to the Big Easy as well as a few heated confrontations at the wedding in Jamaica. Yes, there is plenty of excitement to keep readers hanging on the edge as Atti and Avery struggle with the expiration date on their fling and the more serious feelings they have for each other.

Despite all the odds stacked against them, the end still delivers a resolution to their problems along with a HEA. I liked how Atticus and Avery overcame the odds to be together. The story is told via Atticus and Avery’s alternating point of view.  Secondary characters (Dane and Atticus’s sister, Scout) continue their own story in the second book, Beautiful Broken, with Avery and Atticus making brief appearances.

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