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BLOG TOUR/BOOK REVIEW: Never Trust a Rockstar by Sarah Darlington

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Emma has always been obsessed with Ollie Mills of the southern rock band, Sunset Revival. She follows his every move on Twitter, likes all his posts on Instagram, and stalks his page on Facebook. So when there’s a contest to win a date with the sexy-as-sin, bad-boy rockstar, of course she enters.

It’s a one in a million chance.

Caleb Mills has always been unlucky in love. From the girl who broke his heart, to every one-night stand in between, the lead singer of Sunset Revival barely feels anything anymore. He’s focused on his music and nothing more. Until he sees Emma, in a blue dress, on a hot night in Nashville. She’s meant to be his brother’s date, but the moment his eyes connect with hers he wants this beautiful girl all for himself.

Caleb knows, it will only take Ollie a minute to screw things up. And he’ll be there waiting to win this girl’s heart the moment he does. But can any girl, ever, really trust a rockstar?

*NEVER TRUST A ROCKSTAR can be read as a standalone, or as the first book in Sarah Darlington's Never Trust Series. Look for other books in the series, each available for preorder now. 

~Book Review~
3.5/4 Stars

Winning a date with her favorite rockstar is a dream come true for Emma Winchester, 22.  That is until she actually meets him and discovers that the real catch is his brother.  Caleb Mills isn’t about to let his brother’s dick moves drive away the girl who’s caught his eye. If friendship is all it becomes he’ll be satisfied with that…until he isn’t.

This sucked me in right from the start. What began as I’ll just start this book before bed, became thirty chapters later at 1am. I’m pretty sure Caleb was to blame for keeping me up. He just had the whole cool, reserved good guy thing down, and it emanated from the page right from the start.
“‘But the second you don’t have a boyfriend I promise I will be all over you.’”
On the outside he’s hot lead singer; on the inside he’s a quietly struggling lyricist with a bit of middle child syndrome.

Told via their dual alternating first person POV, once he sees Emma, he’s all in for her. Caleb was really swoon-worthy.  He was so attentive to Emma and totally supportive of all she was going through.  He never had a big ego; instead he was down-to-Earth and came off as a sweet and sensitive guy.
““I’m trying my damnest to go slow with you. You seem to be trying your damnest to make that impossible for me.’”
Now the downside: I flew through the first two-thirds of this, totally engaged and with a smile on my face. The last third though was like hitting a wall at impact though. I really struggled with the OW drama and a trope I’m not fond of. In fact, I had to skip over it and go back and read it later.  I wish this section would have ditched the angsty twist for…well sex! I was okay with the slow burn until the drama got in the way of steamy times and her virginity became too much of an issue for my liking.

Despite my ending frustrations with the plot and pacing in the later half, I’m really looking forward to the next book with Dani and John.  Dani was a hoot in this one!
“‘Oh thank God!...We’re saved.’”
Set in Kill Devil Hills, we get appearances from some of our old friends from that series including the “blonde Jesus” (whose book was my fav.) But you don’t have to have read the other books to follow this story, though it did make me want to re-read.

*I volunteered to review this ARC from the author. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. In the interest of providing unbiased book reviews and to avoid misleading other readers, it is the blog’s policy not to withhold or delay any reviews no matter the star rating. To the best of my knowledge, this title was presented to the blog without any conditions or stipulations.

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Sarah Darlington was born in Colorado and grew up all over the United States. She and her family call Virginia home these days. The best word to describe Sarah is 'creative.' She's passionate about designing, crafting, and photography. But most of all... she loves to write. Her creative bone and OCD personality mix well. Her romance books are sexy and heart-gripping at their core, guaranteed to make you swoon. Any of them can be read as a stand-alone, but all are connected within the same world.

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