Thursday, November 5, 2020

BOOK REVIEW: Hot Ghost by Annika Martin

4 Stars

Cassie Nolan is an aspiring screenwriter sidelined in her hometown to help with her family’s seaside pub and ghost tour. Their business and the town’s livelihood depend on the legend of “Old Salt,” whose nightly appearance in search of a lost love captivates tourists and annoys Cassie.  

Captain William “Old Salt” McHenry, 26— over a hundred years ago, can’t stop reliving his ship wreck or escape the coastal town where he went down.  And the lonely sea captain doesn’t appreciate Cassie’s attitude, but if he gets to know her and see her up close, he might just change his mind.   

Full disclosure, I picked this up as a ‘distraction read’ while waiting for election results. It worked as it kept me engaged, and I read it in one sitting. I’m also not a PNR reader nor a fan of third person romance so bonus points as I usually won’t get past the first page under those two criteria. Lastly, it’s a short story/novella, and I always crave a little more from those lengths in romance and this one was no exception. I do wish it would have been fleshed out a little bit more— more story, more build up/sexual tension, and more sex!

“He pressed at her thighs, urging them open with the hook hand, positioning  her the way he wanted. It was exciting and dirty.”

There’s plenty of potential for it to be fuller.

Thankfully, the tale never felt sad as the tone is lighthearted, and I really enjoyed the ending. I also liked a few modern spins on the typical ghost tale. Old Salt’s long lost love was a ONS and he’s not a fan of bar band music. It would have been fun though if she’d have shown him her e-reader.

“Cassie furrowed her brow. This guy had a difficult time getting dates? Cassie found it hard to believe. He was a hot guy with a badass hook hand!”

That all being said, I think this would be a fun and fitting few hours for romance readers on Halloween night. As a fan of that holiday I wish I’d had the pleasure so I’d recommend it for anyone getting a head start on next year’s TBR or for fans of a romance ghost story any time of the year.

Safety Recap:

*Title purchased  from Amazon on a freebie sale in November 2020 


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