Saturday, December 20, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Winter Kisses by Addison Moore

5 Stars

A holiday auction to benefit the theater department at Whitney Brigs U. puts Laney Sawyer back in the orbit of her ex Ryder Capwell after twelve months.  Laney is still seething about how things went down between them last year, and Ryder is still pining for the girl that has his heart. But their one shot at a second chance rests on a night of alcohol and weakened inhibitions.  

Can they make up for 365 days in one night? 
“‘What comes next?’
 ‘You come next, Ryder….And if I’m lucky, I will, too.’”
Winter Kisses is a perfect holiday romance short story with two supporting characters from 3 AM Kisses. Although you don’t need to read 3AM Kisses first, if you enjoy this story, you’ll enjoy that one and vice versa.

Speaking of 3 AM Kisses, Baya and Bryson are back with some enjoyable appearances as this is a series where friendship is also key. Even with their small parts, Baya seems true to character with her sweet innocence although she is perceptive rather than naïve in this one—a nice touch to the story. Bryson’s male bonding scene with Ryder where Bryson is “packing” and doles out the “Halloween candy” is a very cute and hilarious guy scene.

As a couple, Laney and Ryder are cute together. Their banter and double entendre dialogue is adorable, and there’s plenty of steam between them.
“‘Are you propositioning me?’ 
‘Let’s see….I’m standing in your home—in your bedroom. You’re the one with a hard-on pointed in my direction, so logic only insists that you, Ryder Capwell, are the one who is blatantly propositioning me.’”
(slight spoiler) *While I would have preferred to see Mrs. Capwell and Meg receive a bigger take down,* it’s still a fun, sweet, and sexy story with witty alternating first person POV from both Laney and Ryder, cute dialogue, lots of romance, and hot love scenes. HEA.

Note to Ryder though: Buy that couch for the next time Laney stops by the office ;-)

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