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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 29, 2019


Delaney Mills is haunted by darkness. Not of a spiritual kind, but a terrible past that all the rum in the world cannot chase away. Enter Valentine King, a sexy and irresistible man with connections to the world of Voodoo—a world that Delaney is desperately trying to break into.

Chicago-native Delaney follows her dissertation research all the way to the streets of New Orleans. With King’s help, she uncovers a covert group called the Bondye Saints. The group wants to remain a secret and will do whatever it takes to keep the two quiet. But threats and attacks on her life don’t deter Delaney’s desire to expose the Saints’ sins.

While she’s willing to risk her own life, Delaney hates that the one man who can chase away her darkness is put in danger. But Valentine King refuses to let her go. Because in his world built on faith, Delaney Mills is the one thing he believes in.


4.5 Stars

Troubled by tragedy, Delaney Mills, 32, sets her sights on New Orleans to refocus and complete her doctorate degree in sociology. There she meets and is assisted in her research by local Valentine King, 26.

I liked King right off the bat. He’s smooth in a cute, not cocky, way and laid back. I wanted a hug too. ;-)
“‘I’m not trying to claim what belongs to me. I’m simply declaring my desire to belong to you.’”
Whatever missteps Delaney made (and she made a few), I was always on King’s side and felt his reactions appropriate. King balanced his faith and a grounding in reality well. His protectiveness of her made him a real keeper.
“But his words touch me, they seek out the deepest cuts and heal them over like they never existed.”
Delaney is determined and stubborn, possibly to the point where she lacked a healthy sense of self-preservation. While I understood she didn’t necessarily believe and was also struggling with her own emotional demons, I also found her a bit reckless with her safety in the face of real world threats at times.

Which bring me to the voodoo premise— major points for originality there. It was intriguing. This romantic suspense has some thriller/mystery touches, but it’s not what I’d call PNR.  The budding romance and hot, steamy times interwoven with some sleuthing, prophecies of danger, and an action-suspense climax balance together nicely. The writing paints the scenes well. I’ve never been to the Big Easy, but I could envision Delaney’s surroundings based off the narrative.

It was also refreshing to see the depiction of an interracial couple. Diversity in the romance market tends to be a bit lacking.
“‘You are always beautiful…but when you fall apart like that, you are everything, all at once.’”
It was easy to feel the attraction between Delaney and King from the start, which made the almost OM scene disappointing.  Never the less, the side characters all added something to the story, and they weren’t necessarily your usual cookie-cutter side characters. The story kept me engaged, and I liked the way the pieces came together even if I had a few lingering questions/things I wanted to know more about.

Told via Delaney’s first person POV, if you enjoy romantic suspense or are simply looking for a break from the same old/same old in the romance market lately, this is one certainly worth taking a look at.

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*ARC received from the author. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. 

~Character Interview~

Book Boyfriend Data Sheet

Name: Valentine King

Age: 26

🎂 Jan 29 ♒

🌎 New Orleans, LA

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs
Long and to the left
 My girl can't wrap her hand around it

👍 Live music, classic cars, smart girls

👎 Liars, cold weather, drugs.

Guilty Pleasures: 
Reese's peanut butter cups, '90s rap 🎶

Ambitions: Finish school, be a positive part of the community.

People I Admire: My father and my grandmother 

First thing I do in the shower: 🚿 My face 

Favorite Book:📖 The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses

My idea of the perfect date: A quiet place for dinner, then a walk to Jackson Square to have our fortune's told, drinks and jazz on Frenchman Street, late night snack of beignets, and a kiss to say goodnight. 💏

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise. Every day is another chance to get things right. 🌅

Ice or Whipped Cream? Ice. Definitely ice. 

Next thing I plan to buy: A ring for my girl

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