Wednesday, February 20, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Do You Feel It Too? by Nicola Rendell

4.75 Stars

Gabe Powers, 39, hosts a ghost and urban legend TV show. While filming in Savannah, Georgia, he spots local audio technician Lily Jameson, 35, and is instantly smitten.
“There were a lot of mysteries in the world, but the way I felt about her wasn’t one of them.”
I adored how Gabe was pretty much all in once he met Lily. He never wavered on his feelings, and he was upfront with her. He also had some smooth moves. And then he totally rocked a swoonworthy date.  Gabe was an easy-going good guy. And it was refreshing that while he’d toured the world and had a full and exciting life, he wasn’t a manwhore or player.
“The truth was that just like I’d been hunting for urban legends all these years, I’d also been trying to find the one.”
While I side-eyed their lack of safe sex practices considering they’d just met and had a time limit on their relationship, their evident chemistry helped smooth that hiccup, and their sultry encounters were pretty smoking hot.
“Flesh to flesh. Head to G-spot.” 
This story has steam; it has romance.
“I was torn—part of me wanted to ravage her, part of me wanted to worship her.”
And it also has humor. The General had me laughing out loud. He was a fabulous comedic edition to the tale. I couldn’t get enough of him. Then combine the General and Gabe…and Gabe and Ivan...well those pairing catapulted Gabe to total book boyfriend status. I love when the hero is put in a ‘challenging’ position and he shines.  

The only part I didn’t care for is when he thinks about getting Lily pregnant and she seems to get caught up in it too. I’m not a fan of coitus claiming like that; it’s too easy to get lost in the moment. Deciding to have a child should be a thought-out discussion between two consenting, committed adults when they aren’t in the throws of passion.

Never the less, while their relationship progressed pretty fast, I didn’t have a hard time picturing them long term because there are plenty of scenes that showed them working together, which is essential to a lasting couple.  There wasn’t any kind of miscommunication, and Gabe was supportive and encouraging of Lily while feeling and finding something with her that he hadn’t before. For the most part, the strengths of their relationship shined through. This is a great ‘love as a journey’ romance that avoids many tired plot clichés and character stereotypes. And no OW/OM at all...yay! 😊

Finally, I should note that the premise with Gabe’s myths and mysteries job (an original one at that) attracted me to this story. I’m not a PNR reader (and this isn’t a PNR title), but I really enjoyed the way the filming was integrated into the romance and the settings captured the mood and incorporated local lore.  It was a fun angle and everything comes together nicely. 

All in all, this story has an engaging premise and likeable characters. Told via Gabe and Lily’s alternating first person POV, it’s a mostly light-hearted, feel good romance. I closed the book wanting more of their adventures and more of the General!


*Title purchased from Amazon in February 2019. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. 

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