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BLOG TOUR: Hostage by N. S. Moore

My life is split into two realities. Before Code. And after him.

The first time I saw him, he walked into my father’s bank with the strut of a man who knows exactly what he wants. I saw in him a fearlessness that I desperately wanted, needed, craved as much as my next breath.

Because I was watching him, I knew immediately when he pulled out a gun, aimed it at the ceiling, and fired three shots.

And that is the way I mark my life—before that moment and after it. Before, when I tried to be agreeable, tried to be admired, tried to be pretty, tried to make sure everyone liked me. Tried to shake myself of shame. And after, when all of that fell away. When I just didn’t care anymore.

Before Code. And after him.

I didn’t know then what he would be to me. I didn’t know how he would transform the fabric of my existence. I didn’t know he would move me, reshape me, mold me into someone else, someone I wanted to be.

Afterwards, he would become my lover, my savior, my hope, and my strength.

But, before that, he was my hostage-taker.

I moan against his mouth because Code is just so much. He’s so much of everything—so big, strong, hard, and demanding. His mouth is devouring mine, his lips moving urgently, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth.
I open to him—not just because I know it’s the smartest strategy but because I want to. I want to feel even more of him.
He pushes forward with his weight until I’m on my back on the box, which is kind of uncomfortable and unstable but it only sends the spiraling excitement clouding my mind even higher. I clutch at his broad shoulders and try to hang on.
“F*ck,” he grits out, tearing his mouth away from mine. “What the hell…”
He doesn’t finish the question, and I don’t know what he was really asking. Was he wondering why he was so turned on, when he was being chased on all sides with only a hostage for cover? Or was he wondering why I was turned on, when I should be trying to rip out his throat?
His blue eyes are like fire, and they rake over my face and then lower to my breasts, which feel like they’re straining in my bra, my hard nipples clearly visible through thin fabric of my bra and top. “You are so fucking hot,” he mutters, his eyes moving back up to my face.
He seems to be holding back for some reason—or maybe just taking his time. Either way, I don’t want him to have time to think things through or second-guess himself. I want him to let his cock take control so his mind gets completely turned off.
I’ve seen it happen to guys over and over again. They’re really not that hard to manipulate if they’re suffering from a raging hard-on.
So I arch my back enough to display my breasts better, my breath coming out in fast, little pants. I tell myself it’s part of the strategy, but it’s really not. My whole body is flaming, flushed, embarrassingly aroused. I’ve never felt this way before in my life. Not once.
“What are you…what are you doing?” I asked, making my voice throaty and just a little helpless. It’s not hard to fake. At all.
“Don’t act all innocent. You know exactly what I’m doing. It’s what you want too.” He runs one hand over my breasts, feeling the curve of them, the tightened nipples through my top.

~Book Review~

5 stars

If you’ve ever seen the movie Point Break and thought that bank robbers can actually be kinda hot well then just wait to you meet Code…

But first you meet Wren. Wren is a people pleaser, a push-over, and can’t say no. That is until her nineteenth birthday when an otherwise random day at her dad’s bank changes her entire life.

The robber catches her eye before she even knows he’s robbing the bank. And she’s caught his attention too. Code is there with a job to do but it doesn’t stop him from checking out the prissy but hot girl, the only one that doesn’t drop to her knees when the shots are fired.

When the bank heist goes awry, Wren becomes Code’s captive longer than originally planned. For the first time in Wren’s life, she finds herself fighting back and refusing to cooperate. It drives Code nuts and arouses him at the same time!
“He makes a sound in his throat—like a growl, and this is a totally different kind of growl than the mean one he makes when he’s angry. And he pulls up enough to curl his finger around the bottom of my top and start to pull it up.” —Wren
Aware of the effect she has on him, Wren first decides to seduce her captor to gain the upper-hand, but what her mind devices as an escape plan, her body is on board for other reasons. On a road trip, on the run from good guys and bad, Wren realizes that Code ignites in her something that no boy before him has.  And the more Code learns about Wren’s past, the more he admires her strength.

Appearances are deceiving. While on the surface Code and Wren seem like they come from two totally different worlds, in reality they have similar backgrounds and frustrations.  Code might be the tattooed criminal, the former prep school boy rebel, the guy good girls like Wren aren’t supposed to get involved with, but there’s something about Code that even as the “bad guy” feels vulnerable.  You can’t help but like him whether he’s robbing a bank, holding Wren at gunpoint, or seducing her with his dirty talk and slightly alpha male bedroom ways. 
“I like directing her in a tone that lets her know that I mean business, and for some reason, when it has to do with sex, she doesn’t fight me. If anything, I can see it in her eyes that she’s f*cking turned on.” —Code
The alternating point of views of Code and Wren work wonderfully in this story as it keeps the reader in both of their heads, their commentary on the situations at times humorous.

Code is intriguing. Code is demanding. Code exerts confidence and fearlessness. Code is smart and resourceful.   Code is your next book boyfriend! (And I didn’t even mention the deep blue eyes, tattoos, and five o’clock shadow.)

Adventure, a touch of suspense, plenty of hot scenes, characters that grow and evolve, and a very sweat HEA—what more could you ask for? No cliffhanger. Stand-alone.  Definitely on this blog’s recommended reads this fall! 

Did you buy your copy yet? If not, check out these links.

Once you've finished the book, keep reading here for an interview with Code and Wren...

*Reader Warning: 
It is strongly recommended that Hostage be read before this interview to avoid spoilers.

Character Interview: Five Questions Plus with the Hostage and the Kidnapper

Welcome Wren and Code to Book-Bosomed blog.  You both look like you are in a peaceful place. You have an amazing, unique story—definitely one to tell the grandkids some day. Till then I’m sure your readers would love to know more about you both. Let’s get started…

Q1. Wren—you said you felt your life was split into two…and then three realities.  What things did you learn about yourself through your experience with Code to make you the person you are now?

A. Wren: I think it’s mostly about knowing that what I want for myself matters and that I can say “no” to things I don’t want. I’m sure I knew that in theory before, but I could never really act on it but now—slowly—I’m learning I can.

Q2. Code—When did you realize you were falling for Wren? And taking a line from the book, if you had to design your own Hallmark card about your feelings and your crazy beginning to a relationship what would it say?

A.  Code: Wow...the first time I saw her, I was drawn to her.  I didn't want to be.  I was so screwed up and angry and in my mind Wren represented everything that I hated.  But as our time together went on, I realized that there was something more there.  If I had to pick a specific moment, I'd say that it was when she dyed her hair pink for me. 

(Interruption from Wren: That’s Code’s ego coming through. I didn’t dye my hair just for him!)

Code again - Shit, a Hallmark card? I am so not freaking good with words!  It would probably be something lame like "I'd walk through hell and back to be with you."  And basically, I did.

Awww…Interviewer thinks Code is very swoon-worthy in a bad boy kinda way.

Q3. Code—I’m going to assume the coffee date went well. You said that Wren deserved to be treated like the most important thing in the world so what would a romantic date night entail for you and Wren?

A.  Code: It definitely did.  I could sit and talk with Wren for hours.  No one's ever done that before - for either of us.  I think our first date after the coffee date was pretty romantic.  I walked across the hall to her place with bouquet of wild flowers.  I took her to a little bistro in town and then to a movie.  When we got back to her place, we just sat and talked until dawn.  We held hands the entire time and yeah, we kissed, but I wanted her to know that it was her I was interested in and not just sex.

Q4. Wren and Code—Have you met each other’s parents yet, and if so how did you introduce each other? Do they think you just met as neighbors?

A.  Code: My parents knew that I wanted to move into our specific building because of a girl.  I didn't tell them how I knew Wren, just that she was someone that I really wanted to get to know better.  They're coming down to visit next month and they'll meet her for the first time then.

Wren:  My Dad has met Code. He isn’t too thrilled about the tattoos and the bad-boy background, although we’ve definitely kept the specifics to ourselves. But he can see I’m so much happier now than I used to be, so he’s okay with Code. For the most part.

Q5. Wren and Code—Where do you see life say five years down the road?

A.  Code:  Definitely not living across the hall from one another.  In five years I hope to see us in a place of our own and comfortable in our own skin.

Wren:   I have no idea what we’ll be doing five years from now—but I’m sure we’ll still be together. I’m still trying to get Code to dress up and go somewhere fancy with me, but so far no luck with that. Maybe five years from now!

Plus… Five rapid fire questions for both of you:

#1 champagne or beer?
Code—beer, definitely.
Wren—I like the taste of champagne better, but Code is getting me to like beer.

#2 Dine-in or take-out?
Code—take-out.  Preferably in bed.
Wren—I like both, so sometimes I have to drag Code out for the evening! 

#3 skinny dipping or streaking?
Code—skinny dipping.  Definitely.
Wren —Me too. Skinny dipping.

#4 Movies—romantic comedy or action adventure?
Code—I've lived enough action adventure.  Right now, a romantic comedy sounds perfect.
Wren —Code is so cute watching romantic comedies with me! He acts all ironic, but I think he secretly enjoys them.

#5 big wedding or elope? (no pressure *wink*)
Code—elope.  I hate being on display, and I like the idea of it being just the two of us. 
Wren—that is still under debate!

Thank you Code and Wren (and N.S. Moore!).  If you guys undertake any more adventures or that big wedding, we’d love to read about it!

N.S. Moore has been writing for years, and she loves romance of all varieties—from sweet to very dark. Her first book, Hostage, is a sexy New Adult contemporary romance about two people who find each other in very unlikely circumstances but discover they’re exactly what the other needs.
When she’s not writing, N.S. Moore likes to read, shop, play tennis, and spend time with her family and her dog.  She’s currently working on her next book.
She would love to hear from readers. If you’d like to get in touch with her, you can follow her on Facebook or email her at

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