Sunday, August 13, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Make Me Crazy by Adele Hart

3 Stars

Paige Stanwood, 24, is desperate for a plane ride to her sister’s island wedding after being delayed by her demanding real estate assistant job in Manhattan. Helicopter pilot Mac Gamble 38, isn’t planning on making another run today but tears on a pretty face eventually change his mind. 

A brewing storm forces an emergency landing miles away from their intended destination. Stranded, the pair finds food, shelter, a new look on life, and a whole lot of sex.
“‘I don’t know if I ever want to get rescued…Because back in the real world, there are no orgasms like that.’”
Told via Paige and Mac’s alternating first person point of view, this novella is loaded with insta-love and insta-lust. I rolled my eyes quite a few times. I also groaned in frustration over Paige’s lack of experience at the age of twenty-four as well as over their ridiculous notions of how getting pregnant was suddenly going to make them a perfect, inseparable couple. I get that this is fantasy smut, but those types of messages are immature, unrealistic, and misogynist as well as a cheap cop-out from writing a little more relationship development. Basically, you’ll also need some suspension of disbelief regarding both their relationship and their situation.

In the end though, I was rooting for them. The story is low-angst, light-hearted, and the rescue was funny.  There are plenty of dirty scenes even if their sexual dialogue was a bit trite at times. 

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