Thursday, February 7, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: Sins of Omission by Saskia Laine

4.25 Stars

Lashka Wright is a secret shopper for the hotel industry. Her latest assignment whisks her off for three days in the Mediterranean. It’s on the turbulent plane ride there that she first crosses paths with surly but sexy business traveler Kellan.

Told via Lashka’s first person POV, this is listed as erotic romance novelette.  It would make a great beach read provided you don’t mind your bikini bottoms getting wet. ;-) The love scenes are very well done. No cheesy dialogue here. Instead it captures all the breathtaking and body clenching touches.
“What those lips lacked in conversational skills, they made up for in dexterity. In spades.”
Kellan is a man of few words, adding an air of mystery to his character. It kept me intrigued, and it kept me wanting more.  Lashka is a smart, capable heroine.
“‘Too many guys are assholes to women, and too few other guys call them out on it.’”
This is a well-written light-hearted story. I’ll admit the full length romance reader in me would have enjoyed a few more chapters in the middle of these two getting to know each other better—they had evident chemistry—as well as an epilogue at the end, but I also greatly appreciated the low angst factor.  Fans of short, safe, and steamy reads should find it checks all their boxes. It’s an easy, relaxing tale, and I look forward to seeing what comes next in this new series Layovers.

*I volunteered to review this ARC from the author. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions. 


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