Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Like a Fox by J.M. Sevilla

I work at my family’s café/bookstore. Every day is the same, but it has never bored me; I’m content with my life. Or I was, until the day he walked in at approximately nine that morning. He was poised, enigmatic, and carried himself like a man who knew who he was and what he wanted. Unfortunately, what he wanted wasn’t me, or so I thought from the way he always remained remote and aloof towards our encounters. What I didn’t know was that he did want me, even before he stepped foot into Brennan’s Novel Tea Café. 

I quickly became consumed by him. The problem was, he was hiding a secret; one that would turn my existence upside down and take me into a world I wasn’t ready for. 

I should be clear that he told me he would never lie to me, and he didn’t, I just never asked the right questions. 

This is my journey of falling hard and fast for a man I knew very little about, and the downfall that went with it. I won’t tell you how it ends; some things are worth not knowing. After all, half the fun is the fall; it’s the landing that’s unpredictable. 

~Book Review~
4.75 Stars

Freya Brennan, 24, is a waitress in her family’s café-bookstore in Northern California. Vic Vitalle, 32, is her new elusive regular customer who shows up every day at 9am. She has her eye on him; he has his eye on her. And when he finally asks her on a date tells her he’s picking her up for dinner things get a lot more interesting.

Vic is quite the aloof mystery man of few words.  His strange and enigmatic ways were intriguing, pulling me into the story. Freya is pretty down-to-earth, and while she gets sucked into Vic’s intense aura, she still remains a strong character.

Vic and Freya have some distinct chemistry together and their encounters are seriously hot.
“‘Wetter?’ I’ve never been so wet in my freaking life….”
 “‘Yes. I have a large dick. I need you ready for it.’ Oh, shit. And I just got wetter.”
Told from Freya’s first person point of view, the story boasts steamy encounters and a mystery action-adventure plot. Certain aspects may require some suspension of disbelief, but still it’s an interesting story that kept me turning pages to find out what was going to unfold next. Plus, I have a soft spot for exclusive partners-in-crime type romance. ;-)

I liked the message of finding something you don’t know you need and shaking things up a bit.
“‘I was quite content with my life. Then I find you, and none of it’s good enough anymore.’”
The supporting characters, from Freya’s quirky family and friends to Vic’s badass ones, make a nice addition to the story, and I enjoyed all the twists that accompanied them. They never seemed flat or trite, and they certainly weren't stereotypical which can be a pitfall of minor characters. I particularly appreciated the depth that Vikki’s character was hinted at having, and I think she’d make an interesting tale with Vault from the snippets shown of him in this story.

The author did a good job with the epilogue, wrapping up even some of the supporting characters and glimpsing into the future of Freya and Vic. 

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