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Book-Bosomed Book Blog's 2017 Book Awards

🎁🎁🎁 Happy Holidays! 🎁🎁🎁

It's that time of year again. Not only are the holidays upon us, but so is the best books of the year list! Because I like to switch things up a little when I do this yearly romance shout-out, I decided to not only highlight the best books, but some of their best features. My goal remains the same as previous years thoughto give the featured titles more attention (that they aptly deserve) and to send the authors a big holiday hug for making something special this year. 🤗

I was going to leave the actual trophy to your imagination, but then I decided it would be more fun to encourage audience participation. I’ve set up a little poll so you can vote. MTV has it’s moonman statue; the Grammy’s have their golden gramaphone; Book-Bosomed blog needs something fitting.  So cast your vote and then keep scrolling to find out who's getting them!

And the winners are....

Best Romance Couple
🏆The Winner (s): A tie!  One Flight Stand by Kim Linwood and Untamable by Jamie Schlosser
What does it take to get this distinction? Well I had to love both the hero and heroine, love them equally, and love them together. That’s not to say that the other titles on this list or other books I read didn’t have likable heroes and heroines or couples who were meant to be. But there was just something upbeat, cool, and fun loving about these two couples. I wanted to hang out with Montana and Andrea and Emery and Estelle, maybe even double date with them if my hubs and I were worthy. LOL I think they’d bring chemistry; I’m sure they’d bring antics; (they might also bring cheese and cats😖); but I just know there’d never be a dull moment with them around.

Best Romance Heroine
🏆The Winner:   Her Bodyguard by Sabrina Paige
What does it take to get this distinction? What's not to love about a princess who scales palace walls; isn’t afraid to put her hand down her bodyguard’s pants to retrieve her phone; and can maintain her grace and dignity while being caught handcuffed before the king?
Weak heroines never make my yearly list so all of the gals featured here are strong female characters. Sadly, women used to always be presented as flat, stereotypical females in fiction, relegated to that status by male writers. Then women entered the profession and slowly things began to change. We still have a long way to go; there’s plenty of misogynist representations out there, but it’s heroines like this one that are storming the patriarchal palace and showing readers that we women are complex and charismatic.

Best Romance Hero
🏆The Winner: Dropout by Jamie Schlosser
What does it take to get this distinction? I'm looking for a few good men! (See what I did there with that little play on the series this hero originates from?😉) Well actually I'm looking for a hot, sexy, smart, swoon-worthy man in every romance book I read. Sometimes I find more than one in a story (*wink*wink* The God Pack) and sometimes I have to look a little harder to find the prince underneath the package (*cough*cough* Paging Mr. Crown). All the guys on this list are worthy of book boyfriend status. But the stand-up guy here is James Peabody Johnson! 👋Wave to him there on the cover, looking all sexy like leaning against his trophy. If I told you all the ways that Jimmy made my heart flutter, well I'd be giving away his whole story. Shucks! So let me just say that he came through in scenes and scenarios where many fictional men before him have failed.

Best Menage Romance and  
Best Menage Couple Romantic Unit
🏆The Winner: The Hard Way by Annika Martin
What does it take to get this distinction? Well one thing wasn’t hard…actually there were three hard….opps I’m getting sidetracked by the kinky bank robbers and their hard ways. So what I’m trying to say is that it wasn’t hard to pick a winner for this category. I haven't read another menage yet that delivers such hot and lovable characters as these, yet alone delivers the romantic factor equally. So whether you love a good foursome or simply want to lose your menage virginity (fictionally speaking that is), this is the series to do it with.😉

Best Romantic Suspense
🏆The Winner: Beautiful Beast by Aubrey Irons
What does it take to get this distinction? In the best romantic suspense category, I need a read that keeps me turning pages for answers just as much as I'm sucked into the pages for the couple and their chemistry. This story completely delivered and more. I wanted to know what happened in their past; I wanted to know where they were going in the future. The characters were layered and gripping, the sex scenes were hot, and the ending was absolutely swoon-worthy. You can't imagine how it's all going to work out, but take a spin on this dark ride and find out.
Best RomCom
🏆The Winner (s): 
1st Place🥇Untamable by Jamie Schlosser
2nd Place🥈 One Flight Stand by Kim Linwood 
3rd Place🥉 A tie! The Hard Way by Annika Martin, Her Bodyguard by Sabrina Paige, and  Dropout by Jamie Schlosser. 
What does it take to get this distinction? Hmm, are you sensing a little deja vu? Turns out 5 out of the 6 books on the list this year are also romantic comedies. Technically, I don't think Dropout is categorized as one, but Sweatpea and Grandma gave me a lot of chuckles. And that's how this award was how much I laughed. Hands down, Untamable had me laughing more than any book I've read in a long time. But the other four are also good for a giggle and a smile on your face.

Best Holiday Romance 
🏆The Winner: Sordid Games by Elizabeth Kelly
 What does it take to get this distinction? Sweet, sexy, safe, and puts a smile on my face! It's a simple criteria. If it's a holiday romance, I expect feel-good all the way through. And this one totally came through from the main couple along with all the hilarious supporting characters. You can find it in the Dirty It Up anthology or now on Amazon.

Best Romance Book
🏆The Winner (s): A tie! ALL OF THEM!!!
What are you waiting for? Go 1-click.... 

 (in alphabetical order by title)
Beautiful Beast  
by Aubrey Irons
He's the brooding, broken bad boy; she's the girl next door who's tired of taking his shit! His plan is devious and his limits have no bounds.

“‘I was talking about making you come all over my fingers and then licking it off while you tongue my balls. Who said anything about romance.’”

by Jamie Schlosser
He's flunking out of college. She's a loner making music. They have one thing in common to bring them together: his grandmother! It's a small town where life is simple and little birds have a lot of substance. 

And when she fell asleep, her ear was right over my heart—the heart that was becoming a little less mine and a little more hers every day.


The Hard Way  
by Annika Martin
She's the teller they took hostage. They're the bank robbers who indulge her every fucking-g fantasy. Now they have a detective agency, and they're hot on the trail of the culprit who is framing her sheep rearing sisters.

They were coordinating, of course. This is what you got from seasoned criminals fucking and disciplining you—wicked coordination.

Her Bodyguard  
by Sabrina Paige
He's her ex-military bodyguard; she's the wild and reckless princess. She might just wrap him around her privileged finger...if she doesn't bring him to his knees first. Or he doesn't put her over his.

“‘Well, father, I would curtsy, but you see, I'm afraid I'd fall over, since my hands are cuffed behind my back.’”


One Flight Stand 
by Kim Linwood
She's the mob boss's daughter. He's the sexy mystery man from her transatlantic flight. He's also in the mob...and the brother of the man she's being summoned home to marry. It's not all one big happy "family," but there is a baby on the way! 

She could’ve raised hell, but instead she’s floating down the aisle like an angel in a dress that puts me in a mood to be a devil.


by Jamie Schlosser
She's the crazy cat lady. He's the pussy tamer. With 9 misbehavin' felines to wrangle, he's got his hands full. And she has plans for the other parts of him!

Her scream echoed off the wall, and a roar left me as my balls drew up tight, blinding pleasure slamming through my body.


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