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Book Bosomed Book Blog's Best Romances Reads in 2019

🎉It’s that time of year again! And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure this list was going to happen. I’ll freely admit I debated whether to create my annual best books list or not, which is kinda sad.  For one, I’ve had some health issues crop up this year, and time in the hospital, at doctor’s appointments, and for medical testing seriously ate into my free reading time. Secondly, the corruption in the romance market still runs rampant, which really takes the fun out of what should be a happy and relaxing genre.  But in the end, I decided that it’s not fair to let the bad apples ruin things for the good ones.

Now, I did make a few changes this year for the Best Of list. In the past, one of the requirements was that the book was released in the current year. I’m making an exception this year since my romance reading time was scarce, and I found a few good books that were actually released prior to 2019. So this year the list is comprised of my favorites romances that I read in 2019 because I feel that if I missed seeing them, maybe some other readers did too. And all of these books are ones you don’t want to miss if your're a romance reader!

(Top Reads in No Order of Significance Other than 2019 Releases are First)

Magic Man by Jamie Schlosser
She’s a young single mom. He’s a reformed drug dealer ready to build a new, clean life…
Holding your hand makes my dick hard. Smelling you makes my dick hard. Talking to you makes my dick hard. Thinking about you—'”

These two were just so super sweet and super sexy together.  I loved how their romance was built on all the special little moment they shared.  This is a total heartwarming romance. Get the scoop in my review HERE!  GOODREADS    BOOKBUB

About the Author: Jamie is making at least her third yearly appearance on Book-Bosomed’s annual Best Of list. In fact, she might even hold the record for the most number of books on the lists.  Be sure to check out her other fabulous good guys and romcoms.

Never Kiss a Rockstar by Sarah Darlington
She’s the rockstar drummer. He’s the tattooed recluse who doesn’t know and doesn’t care that she’s famous...
“‘I’ll make a trade…I see you watching my lips. I know what you want. I’ll give you what you want if you give me what I want.’”

Wow, it was so refreshing to have the heroine be the badass, no strings rockstar.  I hope we see more non-virginal heroines paired with celibate heroes to come in the new year.  This pair was rockin’ in more ways than one. (Yes, there’s a sexual pun there.) Find out how hard they rock in my review HERE  GOODREADS    BOOKBUB

About the Author: Sarah appeared on Book Bosomed’s very first Best Of list with her double HEA romance He Belongs to Me. If you haven’t read it, be sure to check it out as well as her Kill Devil Hills series.

My Best Friend's Sister by Hazel Kelly
She’s needs a place to stay rent-free. He needs love to bring down his walls. When her brother is out of town, they might both get just what they need and more…
‘…I was an asshole who’d never even considered the idea of reforming, and you were a princess who couldn’t tell I was a prince.’
‘When did you go from being an asshole to a prince?’
‘The day I rearranged my kingdom for you.’”

Each year it seems I have a last minute addition to the list and this year is no different. As I finalized the list, I was reading this story and couldn't help but feel compelled to add it. Any story the reminds its readers of the things that are most important in life is one to point out. Positive presentations of love is what the romance genre is all about, and I think you'll find plenty HERE!   GOODREADS    BOOKBUB

About the Author: Hazel is making her first of two appearances on Book-Bosomed Best Of list this year! If her swoon-worthy dates in these two books are any indication, she has more winners out there to be read. 

Do You Feel It Too? By Nicola Rendell
He’s an urban legend hunting reality TV star. She’s the local sound tech…with one very vocal and hilarious pet…
“There were a lot of mysteries in the world, but the way I felt about her wasn’t one of them.”

Though released in 2018, I couldn’t keep this one off the list. It was the best romcom I read this year.  If you enjoy funny and steamy alongside an entertaining story, then I can’t recommend this enough. The General will crack you up, and Gabe’s total book boyfriend material.  Find out more in my review HERE!   GOODREADS    BOOKBUB

About the Author: Nicola is a first time author to Book-Bosomed Best Of list. She was recommended to me by one of my awesome Goodread friends.  This was the first of several books I’ve now read by her, and I’m definitely looking forward to more.  Check out this and her other titles.

Friends With Benefits by Hazel Kelly
He’s the college frat boy. But she’s the one insisting on no strings…
“Honestly, I don’t think lightning could’ve struck my dick any harder, and no thunderstorm would’ve left it so drenched.”

This is another 2018 release that also made the list.  Once again, I loved that our heroine wasn’t innocent or virginal and that our hero understood that, respected that, even when he started wanting more. And the romance totally wooed me over.  Like this hero can knock a date out of the ballpark.  He was sweet, and he burned up the sheets. Grab a bag of M&M and read the full review HERE   GOODREADS    BOOKBUB

About the Author: Hazel is making her first appearance on Book-Bosomed Best Of list this year, but she makes it twice! If her swoon-worthy dates in these two books are any indication, she has more winners out there to be read.

Last but not least—
Smut by Karina Halle
She’s serious about a writing career. She thinks he isn’t. When they're paired together in class, they produce a whole lot more than a short story…
“If I come in my pants, that’s not going in the book.”

How this came out in 2016 and I never saw it till this year I have no idea. But it’s a must read for any romance reader. It’s funny; it’s hot; and it has the romance market’s number. Get all the smutty details HERE  GOODREADS    BOOKBUB

About the Author: Karina is also new to Book-Bosomed Best Of list this year. This is the first title of hers that I've read, but I sure hope there's more like it.

Have a happy and safe holiday season everyone!💕

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