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BOOK REVIEW: Taken Hostage by Kinky Bank Robbers series by Annika Martin

One adrenaline loving female. Three erotic bank robbers named after gods. A fun, light-hearted, action packed erotic adventures series!  

The Hostage Bargain 
4.75 Stars
[posted 7/17]

Thrill craving sheep farmer and bank teller Melinda Prescot is bored with her life. Poor girl makes celebrity priced quilts and works at a rural bank open on Sundays!  That all changes when three intense masked men rob said bank and Melinda becomes a willing participant.  Thor, Odin, and Zeus—yes their alias’s are all gods and rightly so with the skills they possess.  This trio has different personalities but they share a bond, a brotherhood, which attracts Melinda to them just as much as their good looks. 
“Thor was like the overdue-for-an inspection wooden rollercoaster at a small county fair—thrilling and quite possibility dangerous in a very real way. Odin was more like the sleek and twisting metal rollercoaster at the mammoth theme park, specially designed for maximum thrills. Zeus was the cave of mystery, and you don’t know what’s in there, but you suspect it’s dangerous, what with the bleached bones strewn around the entrance.”
I have to say that while I’m a one-man/one-woman kind of reader, this page-turning ménage story has sucked me right in. (No pun intended).  It’s obviously not a traditional love story—though it’s clear the foursome’s feelings run deeper than just sex. There’s a camaraderie and friendship that’s appealing, an element of the ultimate female sexual adventure fantasy with characters that are all likeable. Heck, if I was Melinda I don’t think I could have picked just one either, not that that’s an option in the scenario to begin with.

Told solely from Melinda’s first person POV, it’s a sexy adventure tale about embracing your desires, living life to the fullest, and finding a place where you truly belong.  I was right there with Ice, wanting her to become a god too.  

Despite the erotic premise, this is actually a fairly light-hearted read which I found refreshing.

There’s sexy humor:
“‘Are we going to f*ck or do feng shui up there?’”
There’s plenty of sexy, kinky adventures:
“‘Must we spank and f*ck you before we even get into the hot tub?’”
Throw in some dangerous chases and dirty thinking and dirty talking resourceful men, and you’re in for a fun ride—a little dirty, dangerous fantasy escape.

Who are the gods’ real identities? Can the criminals escape their pursuers? Will Melinda return to the sheep farm?

This is the first book in the Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers series. There’s no cliffhanger but the gang’s story continues.  So folks, I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend with bank robbers having 1-clicked the box set!


Updated: 7/19
The Wrong Turn
 4.75 Stars

The second installment of the Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers series is a short adventure segment including a bank heist, a romantic date, and of course, sex! 
“It was like I’d stumbled into a Disneyworld of dangerous sex fantasies.”
The gods continue to be fantasy worthy, the story engaging, and the escapades original. 
“‘These rocks on my back make me want to f*ck.’”
Though it’s more novella in length, it still provides a deeper look at the level of loyalty and respect among The God Pack, making this so much more than just an erotic tale.


The Deeper Game
 4.75 Stars

The God Pack has its sights set on the toughest, riskiest heist yet. The stakes are high and then the danger gets deeper when Isis receives a threatening delivery. Now Thor, Odin, and Zeus not only have to scope out banks, they also have to sniff out the rat in their criminal underworld.

The sexy adventures continue; ultimate fantasies are granted. But despite its erotic nature, love runs strong in this tale of one woman and three bank robbers. 
“‘Never with anyone else baby. Ever…This thing is as real as it gets.’”
Ah, swoon a little as your heart and panties melt for these men committed to one woman.  The gods exhibit how amazing they are, their best qualities shining through in this one. They even display their awesomeness dispensing some insightful advice to their fellow male criminals, who make interesting additions to the story. I loved how they put this: 
“‘It’s like the parole board…They don’t give a shit about excuses. They need to see you have insight into how you f*cked up and that you have control over your own actions going forward.’”
It’s all about commitment to the pack, but will vengeance overshadow the family they believe in? 


***Coming February 9, 2016*** 
Book #4 The Most Wanted

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