Sunday, December 28, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Cherry Bomb by Shayna Snow

4.5 Stars

Dean Callahan is just out for a night with the guys at a strip club for his buddy’s bachelor party. He isn’t looking to find the girl of his dreams but when he lays his eyes on the erotic dancer on stage, performing as Cherry Bomb, he can’t resist a little more. Lucky for Dean their paths are fated to cross and he gets to meet the real girl, Cherie Tillman.

This is the second book in The Callahan Brothers series, but the stories are stand-alones (so you can read them in either order) with the previous book, At Her Service, featuring Dean’s slightly older brother Kyle, also in college in Florida. And like Kyle, Dean gets to be a bit of a hero as well as be quite the fantasy fulfilling gentleman. 
 “‛Just let me know how you want it, babe.’”
Told via Dean and Cherie’s alternating first person POV, it’s a cute, sexy, and sweet new adult story with plenty of hot scenes. Dean and Cherie are both likeable characters. I enjoyed the fact that Cherie wasn’t a stereotype and that Dean saw her for her personality and brains as much as his initial attraction to her body. At the same time the play on how they met was kinda cute. 
“I squeeze my eyes shut as irony hits me. I know exactly what she looks like naked. But yet, here we are on a first date.”
Will Cherie break the rules with Dean?  Can Dean keep her profession a non-issue? And what’s on their sexual bucket list?

For a fun, sexy read, about two college co-eds who met in an unconventional way, that you can devour in one sitting, Cherry Bomb is one to 1-click. This is a light-hearted and sexy series that lovers of new adult romance will want to follow.

Shayna Snow lives in the Midwestern United States, enjoying the changes of seasons and the crazy weather extremes, from blizzards to heat waves.  She’s addicted to coffee and her Kindle and is hard-pressed to find a reason to read anything other than romance.

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