(in alphabetical order by author's last name)

Michelle Abbott  (Just Stay)

Alana Albertson & Linda Barlow (Badass)

Nazarea Andrews  (University of Branton series)

Iris Blaire  (East Park series)

Ainsley Booth  (Hate F*@k serial)

Terri Anne Browning  (The Rocker...series)

Lime Craven  (Sociopath)

Haven Francis  (Part of Me/Inside of You)

Jayne Frost (Gone for You /Sixth Street Band series)

Danielle Jamie  (Just for the Summer)

Mara Jacobs (Freshman Roommates Trilogy)

Selena Laurence  (Lush series)

Ava Lore  (Lonely Kings series)

Lily Paradis  (Ignite)

Lyla Payne (Whitman University series)

L.A. Rose (Adrian Lessons and James Games)

Jamie Schlosser (The Good Guys series)

Nicole Simone  (Love of a Rockstar)

Shayna Snow  (At Her Service/The Callahan Brothers series)

Anna Zaires (Twist Me & Keep Me)

(in alphabetical order by author's last name)

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Alana Albertson & Linda Barlow's Badass characters "5 Questions with Shane & Cassie"

Iris Blaire's East Park Series "5 Questions with the East Park Co-eds"

Terri Anne Browning's Demon's Wings characters "5 Questions with the Demon's Wings (and Axton) on the Hot Seat!"

Lime Craven's Sociopath characters "5 Questions PLUS with Aeron and Leo"

J. Daniels' Alabama Summer series "5 Questions Plus with the Alabama Summer Series Characters"

Sarah Darlington's Leo Maddox/He Belongs With Me characters "5 Questions with Leo Maddox, Clara, and Maggie"

Ashley Erin's The Rule characters "5 Questions with the Rule Characters"

Z. Elizabeth's The Deal characters "The Newlywed Game with Nic & Craig Thomas"

Allie Gail's The Firefly Effect characters "5 Questions with Shane and Melanie"

T. Gephart's Power Station characters "5 Questions PLUS with Power Station"

Melanie Harlow's Frenched series "5 Questions PLUS with the Frenched series Characters

Kerry Heaven's Spencer characters "5 Questions with Spencer & Jazz"

Cambria Hebert's #Hashtag series "5 Questions with Rimmel and Romeo from #Nerd"

Karen Kincy's Crave the Rose characters: "5 Questions with Bram and Cassia"

Georgia Le Carre's Masquerade characters "5 Questions with Jaron Rose and Billie Black"

Annika Martin's Dangerous Royals series characters "5 Questions with Annika Martin’s Dangerous Royals"

Leslie McAdam's The Stars in the Sky characters "5 Questions with Will & Marie"

Misti Murphy's Tangled Desires series characters "5 Questions PLUS with the Hadley Family"

N.S. Moore's Hostage characters "5 Questions PLUS with the Hostage and the Kidnapper"

Steph Nuss's Love in the City series characters (#1-3) "5 Questions PLUS with the Love in the City Characters"

Krista & Becca Ritchie's Addicted series characters "5 Questions PLUS with the Addicted Series Characters"

Ashley Suzanne's Calling Card characters "5 Questions PLUS with Dexter MacFadden"

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