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BLOG TOUR: The Whiskey Saga by Ryan Ringbloom

 Genres: Adult, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary, Romance, Standalones


Publication Date: July 24, 2018



Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It’s a fluke. Too much whiskey. Believe me when I say, it will NEVER happen again.
I’m trying not to take it personally. Sh*t happens. It’s not a reflection on me. He claims it was too much whiskey. A onetime occurrence. And I believe him.
But then why the hell does it happen a second time?
Fate’s a funny thing. 
He likes her.
She likes him. 
They say the third time’s a charm….

Get ready to laugh, cringe, and swoon as two terrified flyers travel toward romance in this lovable Romantic Comedy.
This is a standalone book intended for mature readers.

~Book Review~

4.75 Stars

A delay with his flight is not helping Jaxson Kay’s nerves. But a stop at the airport bar might either be the best choice or biggest mistake of his night. There Paisley Robins finds the aviophobia stranger attractive, pegging him as a “Model? Firefighter? Cowboy?”

Nope, it turns out Jax, 30, is simply a retail chain manager and how refreshing was that! I really enjoyed reading about everyday people with regular jobs. It also turns out that Paisley, 32, works in the same industry. That’s not the only thing they have in common. Both are about one more mechanical delay away from a panic attack.

I also don’t fly the not-so-friendly skies so I related to Jax and Paisley’s fears and dread. This was a book that clicked with me right away. This story was a hoot! It easily makes my funniest romcoms list. The comedic element kept me smiling and even had me laughing out loud at parts.

As far as the characters go, I adored how Paisley maintained her confidence despite all their mishaps.
“‘My self-esteem doesn’t hang in the balance of other people’s opinions.’” —Paisley
I also appreciated how she handled Jax’s wounded pride. That was the only slight I had against him. There’s a point where he lets his malfunctioning appendage get the best of him, and he momentarily treats her like a dick (no pun intended), but unlike the aforementioned third leg, Jax’s mood/personality recovers more quickly.  
“It’s weird how one minute something can seem like such a good idea and the next you can see how truly asinine it really is.” —Jaxson
Getting the story from both of their first person POVs went a long way though, and it was also clear to see how the stressful trip was weighing on both of them.  The writing here is strong. One minute I couldn’t imagine how they could get past it all, and the next I could see them married for forty years.
“‘I mean, if you’d rather we could drag this out, make it some angsty drama where we both feel this connection and an attraction but fuck it all up by overthinking and second-guessing.’”
And that’s so not what this story is thankfully, which was also refreshing. It’s light-hearted, upbeat, and feel-good despite the pair’s seemingly insurmountable moments, bad timing, and unknowingly ill-thought choices. Turns out, some lessons are hard to learn.
“‘One room, one bed, condoms.’”
But the ‘all is not lost’ message seals the romantic factor and the chemistry is palpable.
What these two trudge through as part of their potential ONS gone awry would have doused cold water on the steam of many other romances, but here it amped the anticipation and showed how they not only found someone they were seriously attracted to, but they also found the type of friendship that’s often the foundation of long lasting marriages.

Will the worn and weary travelers get home before their next scheduled work shift?

Will they love or hate each other by the time they reach the Jersey border?

Will Jax get the wind back in his sail?

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Once she finishes teasing me against her mouth, she returns to a steady rhythmic sucking while one of her hands wanders to a place it shouldn’t and the tip of her finger taunts new territory. I don’t hate it. Not at all. It feels so… fucking… good. But my dick reacts differently. 

What the fuck is happening?

“Sorry, was that too much?” she asks, pulling away. 

“No. It’s fine. I just….” I pause for a moment to scream at my dick. Get up! Get up! Get back up, motherfucker! “I just… think it’s time to switch things up and I take care of you.” 

“Oh, okay.” She beams, switching places with me, settling into the covers. Her chest heaves with anticipatory breaths. 

I don’t know what’s going on. Why isn’t my dick hard? On a scale of one to ten on the hotness scale, that was a twelve. Is it possible I shot my load and don’t even know it? No. It’s not possible. Then what the fuck is this?


Publication Date: September 9, 2018



Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It’s a fluke. Too much whiskey. Believe me when I say, it will NEVER happen again.
I’m trying not to take it personally. Sh*t happens. It was a blind date. She drank too much whiskey. I hope it wasn’t a reflection on me.
Okay, so the first date didn’t work out. But what happens when the second one doesn’t either?
Fate’s a funny thing. 
She likes him. 
He likes her.
They say the third time’s a charm….

Get ready to laugh, cringe, and swoon as fate blindly intervenes in this lovable Romantic Comedy.
This is a standalone book that features a new couple intended for mature readers.

~Book Review~

4.5 Stars

Whiskey Chick is notorious. A legend in her own right.
“I’m fluent in drunk.”
Adam Barclay, 29, is still telling the story two years later. But he might be entertaining family and friends with the filtered version.

Remi Kay, 30, occasionally lacks filters. She has been stumbling through life, but now she’s finally found her career calling and is on the road to adulting.

Told via their dual first person POV, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Remi since she was such a hot mess in the glimpses we got of her in her brother’s book, Whiskey Dick. But I ended up liking her, and rooting for her to get the one who almost got away.

I adore the fact that the author’s bio confesses that she can’t write alphas. Based off the heroes in this series, the regular guys are more interesting anyways. I really enjoyed the realness to them. It was far more enjoyable than over-the-top alpha-assholes. Adam seemed like a good guy. I just wish we’d have gotten a little more background on him. His narration was funny, even when he was stressed. Maybe even especially when he was stressed.
“It’s a five-point fix-up pentagram from hell.”
Despite the confusion, mix-ups, and fix-ups that plague this pair, I was swooning by the end. Adam sealed his fate as a sweetie.
 “Forget dating, our tongues have just checked into a hotel that charges by the hour.”
Though entertaining as their “mating ritual” was, I do wish there were more detailed sexy times. This book seemed a little shorter than the first. But it was still an enjoyable and engaging read. I’m not usually a fan of bathroom-type humor, but it didn’t bother me here. I think because it was referenced rather than graphically depicted.

I was pleased when I reached the end and saw that The Whiskey Saga will continue. While I thought Henry was kinda a douche in this one, I’ll keep an open mind because Remi worked out for me. Jenn was cool so I’m looking forward to her finding the one. And I gotta put in a plea for a sequel for Jax and Paisley. I’m dying to read about their next adventure in life. I need more books like this series. Seriously, I wish I could spend more reading hours with safe, funny romances like these. 

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“Adam, tell the Whiskey Chick story. Please,” my sister begs with full-on prayer hands. “Katie’s never heard it before,” she says, referring to my cousin’s new girlfriend who’s joining us for family dinner for the first time. 

I’ve told the story about a million times, but every time there’s someone new in the mix my sister always asks me to tell the now-famous tale. Not that I really mind; it’s one of my favorite stories. A story I love to tell. 

“Oh geez, here we go,” my older brother says under his breath. Henry turns and addresses the newcomer. “Just so you know, we have doubts that this girl really exists. This story is about as credible as a Loch Ness Monster sighting.”

“She exists.” Jenn rolls her eyes at him. “I mean, we’ve never seen her, but she definitely exists.”

“Adam, is this really appropriate dinner conversation?” My mom shoots me a look over the table. 

“Oh, it’s fine, just tell it.” Jenn waves her off. My sister lives for this story. I know if I don’t tell it, she will. 

I glance over at my mom, who rolls her eyes, dismissively shaking her head. She knows once the topic of the whiskey chick is brought up there’s no going back, and so I begin. 

“It started off completely normal.” I say my opening line in unison with my two siblings. I wait for them to stop and continue. “It was about two years ago. A friend of mine thought I’d hit it off with a girl she met at the gym and arranged for us to meet. We chose a date and a time that worked for us, I picked the location, and my friend set the whole thing up. I was really nervous about the whole blind date thing, but that night when she walked in, my jaw dropped. Tight black dress, super high heels, and these killer blue eyes accentuated by long strands of silky pink through really blonde hair.”

“Platinum,” Jenn provides. 

“We were at a really nice place, James Miu, and the table wasn’t going to be ready right away. So we sat at the bar and I offered to buy her a drink. I ordered a beer, and she ordered a Manhattan.”

Hi, I’m Ryan Ringbloom, a Jersey girl who doesn’t write Alphas. I couldn’t if I tried. Social Media stresses me the frick out, yet I can’t seem to walk away from it. I love to binge watch TV. I think cats are awesome. I’m obsessed with coffee and Fireball. But never together. My road rage is ridiculous. And if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I won’t even try to run. I will let the first one I see eat my brain and get it over with.


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