Sunday, July 8, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Without Regret by Aubrey Bondurant

4 Stars

Emma Brown likes bad boys, but Trevor Newhall, 28, is a nice guy.  Technically, he’s a suit guy, which Emma has sworn off. But he’s hard to resist.

I liked Emma in WithoutApology, and I think she started off strong here.
“‘Because I guarantee being the one who got away feels a hell of a lot better than being the girl who gives him a second chance.’”
This is awesome advice that she gave out, and more women should probably take it to heart. There are too many tales of heroines taking back cheaters, users, and abusers and worse yet, romanticizing it. So when a heroine speaks these wise words, well…Amen!

I only wish Emma could have applied more wisdom to her own emotional baggage as the story progressed. At certain points, Emma’s no commitment, keep-a-distance stance grew a little tired.

Trevor really was a good guy and great catch.  He had a ton of patience, and turned out to be a true sweetie.  I would have only haggled with him over one statement, and that’s mainly because I hate to see the importance of higher education sold short.
“‘All a degree means is that you had the financial means and put forth the effort to get it.’”
But honestly, I think he was just trying to make Emma feel better because he was a caring and understanding guy like that.

These two didn’t lack for sexy times together.
“‘Too bad you already covered up; I bet you would’ve looked good between my red lips.’”
Though there was a point where their relationship seemed stalled in sex mode due to Emma's hang-ups.   

In comparison to the first book, this one seemed to lack some of the business side plot intrigue that I enjoyed with that one.  Told via Emma and Trevor’s dual first person POV, it can be read as a standalone, although I highly recommend the first book too. Peyton and Simon (Emma’s boss) make appearances in this one. I enjoyed Simon’s role here, reaffirming what an awesome guy he is as well. Hope to see Mason get a story at some point. 

~Also in the Series~  
“It was amazing how much more quickly a twenty-five hour ride went when you spent most of it having sex….I was sure Simon had been inside me in every single state we’d driven through.”

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