Friday, May 26, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Personal Delivery by Ainsley Booth


She’s got a crush on the delivery guy. He’s got a billion-dollar secret. 

I recognize the sound of his truck turning off in front of my building. 
Not only do I recognize it, but my pulse picks up and I get all hot and bothered. Then I hear the low growl cutting out, followed by the clank of metal as he pulls up the back door to grab my package…. 
Grab my package? 
That sounds so dirty. 
Which is probably appropriate given some of the fantasies I’ve had about him. 
My obsession with the new, mysterious delivery driver is crazy. Intense. Distracting. 
The last thing I need is to be crushing on a six-foot-something distraction with a dirty grin. 
But my friends have other plans. 

First in a sexy new rom com standalone series! 

 ~Book Review~
4.25 Stars

Jana Pritchard is a greeting card illustrator working from home and the highlight of her day starts to become the arrival of the hot delivery guy.

His nametag might read Dane but he’s really Jake Aston, now CEO of the recently acquired SwiftEx delivery corporation, and he’s gone undercover to gain insight into the mechanics of his new company.

Right off the bat, I gotta admit I was jealous of Jana. I mean half the time I can’t even get my delivery guys to ring the damn doorbell so I know I have a package before they take off yet alone wait for me to answer the door and then make pleasant conversation. But Jake is as smitten with Jana as she is with him.

Points on this one for an original premise. It’s getting harder these days to find romantic set ups I’ve not read many times before so this was a cute new angle for two people to meet. It’s not new to the porn industry I’m sure so points again for taking a porn trope and turning it into a sweet and sexy story.

There’s no shortage of either sweetness or sex in this tale. Jake is an all round great guy. He’s been a workaholic so he’s thankfully not a manwhore. He’s devoted to making his companies better, and then he’s devoted to making Jana…well pleasured.
“‘I got my fingers wet, Jana. And it was the best thing I ever felt. My tongue is fucking jealous.’”
Told via Jana and Jake's alternating first person POV, there are plenty of steamy encounters here. And if you are looking for a smooth story of how two people get together and make it work then this is a no drama/no angst read to pick up. I can’t begin to tell you how refreshing it was that there were no scheming, trouble-making exes or contrived conflict, nor is either character broken or troubled.  It’s just two available singles who find a connection and go with the flow, making their love story feel down-to-earth even though it’s also a Cinderella tale.

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