Thursday, April 30, 2015

REVIEW/RELEASE: Hate F*@k (Vol.3) by Ainsley Booth

4 Stars 
“A bad boy can be so very good.

A good girl can get really dirty.”
Vol. 3 picks up right where Vol. 2 left off so action-adventure is the name of the game. At least in the first few chapters. Then we see the soft and vulnerable sides to these hate f*@king characters. It’s no longer just about the burning desire. It’s… 
“One-of-a-kind chemistry. The magic that happens on my skin everywhere his mouth and hands touch me. The tight slide and thrust of his erection inside me. Shallow movements that rub just the right spot. And if he’s the dark water, rushing towards shore, I’m the tide.” –Hailey
By this final installment I think it’s safe to say that the title is a bit of a misnomer now. Cole and Hailey are pretty cozy. And this last part is largely about them coming together as a real couple. But it’s still hot and dirty too… 
“Her voice is barely above a whisper, and her breathing is coming hard and fast now. Like I want to, all over her.” –Cole 
There’s a lot of intrigue going on in this serial and being a serial made it a little harder to keep straight, remember, and follow.  In the end of this three parter though, the scandal plots feel more like background, the erotic aspect taking center stage. Don’t get me wrong, the sexy scenes are pretty hot, but the political scandal plot that offered the promise of a page-turning read sort of fizzled out.  Hopefully there’s more to the story though that will unfold in future serials featuring the other members of The Horus Group.

If you missed the blog’s previous author interview with Ainsley Booth, click HERE to learn more about the series. 


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