Saturday, March 11, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Her Bodyguard by Sabrina Paige

4.5 Stars

Set in the fictional country of Protrovia, this story follows parallel to the timeline in Prince Albert and features his sister Princess Alexandra, 21, and her new bodyguard, Maxwell Donnelley. Both stories can be read as standalones though.

Like her brother, the princess is a bit of a headline maker. She’s a wild child, partying into the wee hour of the night and habitually evading her security detail.  While I wouldn’t condone all of Alex’s indulgences, I give major points for her being a strong, bold, ballsy, and confident heroine. There are just too many weak good girls who get walked all over in romance so it was refreshing to see a bad girl with a good heart in the spotlight here. She certainly keeps the story fresh and funny.  This princess dishes it out just as good as any bad boy, to the point that she keeps Max on his toes. But Max is no pushover either.
“‘You’ve needed a good, hard spanking more than anyone I’ve ever met.’”
The two engage in a battle of wits and control that quickly becomes heated. (I loved the phone retrieval.)  Told via their dual alternating first person POV, Max and Alex sport some steaming chemistry. Their dirty banter is hot, and their encounters quite entertaining in a sultry kind of way to say the least.
“‘I feel like the porn version of Cinderella right now.’”
Despite their different approaches to life and order, it turns out Max and Alexandra are exactly what the other needs. And I really appreciate how neither of them had lived sheltered lives yet they were still able to share certain things together. All in all, a fun, dirty, low-angst, erotic opposites attract-forbidden love romcom with a sweet and swoon worthy resolution. 

~Also in the Raunchy Royals Series~
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