Monday, December 16, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: A Taste of Temptation by Saskia Laine

4 Stars

The third tale in the Layovers series takes us to the Tuscan countryside. There Élodie Martel’s life keeps getting more and more complicated when a visit to her aunt lands her in the middle of a contested estate and an attraction to the hired help, Vico Fierli, who may or may not be able to help her sort out the problems of the present as well as the betrayals of the past.
“‘It would only be wrong if the attention is not welcome. And you have seen the proof that I welcome your attentions.’”
This novella packs more story than I originally expected. It’s not simply the attraction between El and Vico. There’s intrigue that fuels the plot and kept me turning pages to find out how all the pieces fit together. In fact, I think it could really be fleshed out into a full length novel.  At places, I craved a little more development to make it reach its full potential.

For example, I would have loved some chapters from Vico. (This is told soley by El’s first person POV.) While he exhibited that sexy but slightly mysterious vibe, I also wanted to learn more about him. A little more build-up would have been welcome. None the less, that first pool scene was hot!

Plus, it’s always refreshing when the heroine is an accomplished, capable women, and El (or Elodia as Vico calls her) fits that bill. The romance market sorely needs more presentations of women in highly educated professions like El. Not only that, but points for the places where the gender roles seem to reverse and for the presentation of their relationship as teamwork rather than El needing Vico to save the day.
“‘It is you, straniera, who is going down. Onto this bed, right now.’”
All in all, for an afternoon read, this is one to check out. Be forewarned though, you might want to have an Italian translation app handy. I’ll freely admit, I was lost on some lines of dialogue.


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