Monday, January 8, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Sext God by Jess Bentley

3.5 Stars

Dahlia Cox, 21, has a crush on her dad’s widowed friend, ex-military and current security guy August Berner (specific age never given). After setting aside college due to financial constraints, she works a job at a security firm too—a job that August helped her get but with his competitor.

When Dahlia’s firm runs into some financial difficulties, she gets herself into an awkward situation at work that leads to an intimate new relationship with August, her identity unknown to him.
“‘I am not a slut…I only play one on Instagram.’”
This is where the plot gets a little convoluted. I could brush off Dahlia’s missteps on experience as she does come across a bit sheltered, if not naïve, at times; but, it required some suspension of disbelief when it came to August. As the head of a private security company in this day and age, it seemed like he should have had IT skills or connections to trace her account.

Anyways, if you don’t think too hard on that aspect or the fact that August is attracted to her, but is really into sexting his “mystery woman,” then it might be smooth sailing. Their texting is pretty hot!
I want you to wrap your fingers around me. Pull on me a little bit…”
Told via their alternating first person POV, Dahlia and August especially had potential. It was refreshing (and a bit funny) to see the guy also stumble through new things when so often it’s the heroine who’s the fish out of water.
“I have never taken a picture of my own dick before, and there is something sort of awesome about it.”
I just wish they’d have been fleshed out a little more and their actual relationship developed alongside the sexting. When they finally get together, it felt rushed and lacking.

There’s a little suspense angle involving August’s job and his musician client. Those scenes kept me turning pages both for the who-done-it and for their amusing rapport with each other.  I do wish the reveal would have been a little more exciting though. Otherwise, the safe, low angst aspect of the tale was pleasing. The cover's pretty hot too!

I purchased this copy as a freebie from Amazon. As a final, published copy, it needed another proofreading. 

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