Wednesday, October 24, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: All the Right Moves by Becca Taylor


Being called the worst boyfriend can do a number on a man’s ego. 
But I handled it the way any full-grown adult male would—by eating copious amounts of carbs and wallowing over whether I was good enough.
I admit, it wasn’t the best of moments, but it made me realize I needed answers to the question, what are women looking for inside and out of the bedroom?
After I researched the subject, I compiled my data into a solution. 
Thirty days. 
Thirty right moves.
But I needed to test out my newfound theories, and my best friend, Tenley, was going to help. 
It was a foolproof plan. 
We would date and act like a real couple, all in the name of research. And when the thirty days were up, we would go back to being just friends. 
Piece of cake, right?
Only, I forgot to take into consideration the multiple outcomes. Specifically, the one where it left me wanting more and refusing to go back to what we were... ever again.

~Book Review~

4.25 Stars

When his snotty, shallow girlfriend dumps him with a list of thirty reasons why he’s the worst boyfriend, Preston Griffin, 25, embarks on a plan to redeem himself. And the person he turns to is his neighbor and best friend since they were seven, Tenley Ray.

Told via their dual first person POV, this is a friends to lovers romance. It’s super sweet and the sexy times are steamy and yet still done meaningfully. It definitely came across that they were making love, not just hooking up. The pair made a cute couple.

“A couple who shared a washer together stayed together.”
Preston most certainly didn’t have the wrong moves nor was he a bad boyfriend at all. He was a really caring and attentive guy and very supportive. A total sweetie. He just needed to reexamine what or more specifically who he wanted.

Tenley has a few insecurities and she’s had a crush on Preston for a long time. I do wish that had been more balanced, though there are certainly hints that Preston had latent feeling for her that he didn’t recognize till now. When he struggles with jealousy and insecurities himself, well it was a nice dose of karma. 

“‘I don’t want to mess this up.’
‘You’re not going to .’
‘How do you know?’
“Because it’s me and you. And you haven’ messed it up in the eighteen years I’ve known you. You’ve been there for me, and I’ve been there for you. So right now, we’re going to be there for each other. Together. And it’s going to be amazing.’”
All in all, I enjoyed the story as a romantic and feel-good read. There are just two cringe-worthy lines that could have been edited out to make the story better. First, Tenley mentions that they share an apartment wall and she used to hear Preston with his ex. Even though the ex was a faker, that’s a sound and image that neither the heroine in a romance or the reader needs. Secondly, Preston’s thoughts on marriage include asking the father for permission. That’s an archaic custom that implies another man has control over a grown woman’s life. I was disappointed that a modern guy like Preston still bought into that sexist practice.

This is mainly a low angst romance aside from some predictable drama at the climax. Loved the well done epilogue. Epilogues set further in the future like that are always a treat in romancelandia.

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