Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Yours by Kim Linwood

4 Stars

If you’ve read Mine, then you’re already familiar with Danny Holmes and Bianca Chou, supporting characters in that book. But if you haven’t, it’s not necessary to follow this story although I highly recommend Mine if for no other reason then it’s a fun, sweet, and sexy story.

So Danny and Bianca became acquainted when she participated on a tropical island Bachelor style reality show, and Danny was posing as the butler though really he was the best friend of the bachelor.
“In the biblical sense we’re pretty close. We just never talked all that much.”
Now it’s a month later and the two have reunited for a cruise, her consolation prize from the show.  Bianca’s hoping this new adventure will provide them with time to connect beyond the physical; meanwhile Danny hopes he can keep up the pretense of having more money than he really does.

Though this is a novella, it actually has good story development. The only places it seemed to fall a little short is on the love scenes which often get derailed by other hijinks. Perhaps for that reason I couldn’t quite determine the chemistry between them. What can I say, I sorta craved more action with Danny’s danglies ;-)

Speaking of Danny, he’s quite a good guy, a real catch. A med student, he seemed solid and stable but with a fun, flirty demeanor that was cute.
“‘Your arse does this cute little wiggle when I smack it, and when you come, the way you moan grips me by the balls and nearly unmans me.’”
I really felt bad for him when their vacation kept going awry. Bianca was just okay. Even though the events that befall them weren’t technically her fault, for some reason I still felt like she needed to up her game to be more worthy of such a good guy like Danny. None the less, I was still rooting for them to have things go their way.

Told via Danny and Bianca’s first person point of view, the story also interweaves cameos from characters featured in Kim Linwood’s previous books (see list below)—a nice treat to revisit some old favorites. 

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