Saturday, January 13, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Fix Her Up by Carey Heywood

4 Stars

Finley Reeves 35, has bought a money pit in a new town following her divorce. Noah Thompson, 38, is the brother of her realtor and a contractor with a heart of gold.

Being this is romance, Finley’s lucky that her prince charming swoops in to save the day, or in this case her house. I must admit I was initially a little stuck on the premise when she buys this dilapidated house in New Hampshire, far from family and friends, after making “a killing off the place she sold in Texas.” Part of me questioned Finley’s intelligence while another part of me suspected it was mostly psychological.
“I was in way over my head when I moved here. If he hadn’t of swooped in I would have drowned without him. I thought fixing up this place would fix me. Without his help, this project would have broken me at my core.”
I was glad when we got that out of the way because I quit side-eyeing Finley after she started to recognize her issues. Granted it took till half way through the book, but Finley grew as the story progressed and she went up in my estimation with her handling of her ex.

Noah was an all round great guy—total book boyfriend!  We really need more of him in romance. While I think there was a little insta-love on Noah’s part, he didn’t rush the romance or their relationship. Instead he spent time with her and became her friend first. He’s patient, heeds her cues, and helps her move on. It’s qualities like this that should be highlighted more in this genre.
 “‘He’s figuring out he made a mistake letting you go. Too bad for him that’s not a mistake I’ll make.’”
Told via Noah and Finley’s alternating first person POV, the steam is slow burn, but they eventually make up for it.
“‘You want, you can crawl up here, hold onto the headboard and I promise you I’ll make you scream.’”
If you are looking for a romance with low angst, positive examples of making a relationship work, and likeable characters who behave like the mature adults they are, this is one to cozy up with.  I think the inspiration for the house renovating theme is clear and though I’m not a fan of the couple on that show, I became a fan of Noah and Finley. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the rest of the series goes. Up next, Noah’s reclusive brother, Asher’s story. 

~Also in The Fix series~

#3 Fix My Fall
(Coming Feb. 2018)

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