Wednesday, April 11, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: HIS SEED/Satan’s Sons MC by Nicole Fox

3.75 Stars

This was a bonus book in my edition of Knocked Up By the Bad Boy.  In comparison, I liked the hero and heroine better in this one, but I was disappointed in the “epilogue.”

So Ember Amo is a fire dancer. Gotta say, that’s a new one for me. Ember turned out to be pretty ballsy and able to hold her own. She didn’t let men intimidate her, she had confidence, and she was independent.

Wheeler was a solid guy with integrity and a sense of duty. It was a nice surprise that he wasn’t some bossy, cocky biker.

I don’t think the blurb or the title does this story justice.  There was a nice undercurrent of friendship that evolved between Ember and Wheeler. They were playful and teasing of each other in addition to their hot and dirty sexual interludes.  It was nice to see Ember portrayed as a woman who knew what she was doing in bed. She wasn’t virginal and she definitely wasn’t shy. Wheeler also wasn’t trying to breed her as it suggests; the pregnancy is accidental (though avoidable).
“‘You sound pretty when I’m making you wet.’”
My only disappointment came in the epilogue (though not labeled as such).  

Told via Wheeler and Ember’s first person POV, there are places that could have benefited from more development, but it’s a decent low angst romance pleasingly free of OW/OM drama.


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