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BLOG TOUR: Maximum Rush by Misti Murphy

Genre: Romance 

Rush Hadley wants two months of my time in exchange for the only interview the magic man’s ever done. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. A make or break point in my journalism career. All I have to do is entertain the famous magician. 
A billionaire playboy who doesn’t understand the word no, he’s stubborn, one-track minded, and set on getting me into his bed. Men like him ruin girls like me with their dirty mouths and wicked tricks, but I’m not gullible enough to fall for his charms, even if his touch feels like magic. 
Maxi O’Keeffe is a sexy little challenge I intend to have my way with. She might have said no, might keep saying no, but I always get what I want. The quirky goody-two-shoes isn’t going to hold out forever. 
Uncomfortably awkward and downright weird, she shouldn’t be the only person who gets me. She shouldn’t be more than a way to pass time in this boring old town. So why does she get me higher than any audience screaming my name?

~Book Review~
4 Stars

The Hadley siblings have all found love with the exception of one hold out—oldest brother, the famous magician, Rush, 30.  He has no time for it and doesn’t want to be tied down by it, but when an Australian reporter is after him for an interview and Rush is on his way home for family weddings, he decides to bring her along as his companion.

Max Holland O’Keeffe, 21, feels guilty taking off for two months on an assignment. She has her own family to look out for, including a niece that she’s recently become the guardian of. Max is quirky to say the least. She wrestles with issues of insecurity and self worth and often drifts off in her mind. 

Despite his playboy ways (which thankfully aren't depicted) Rush is quite the enigma of a man. He’s a private person though ironically he prefers being naked and letting it all hang out.
“‘It’s a magic wand that grants orgasms.’”
Rush omits confidence and sex appeal and is what Maxi needs to come out of her shell, or shall we say head. Told via Maxi and Rush’s alternating first person POV, the story (like the previous books) is largely lighthearted, pleasantly void of OW/OM drama allowing it to focus on the building of the romance, and full of sexy times.
“‘Oh, I’m going to lick you sweet cheeks. I’m going to tongue fuck you until you see stars.’”
Will Rush discover that love is more rewarding than the applause of the crowd? Will Maxi find that two months with the Hadley’s is a life experience that will provide more than just the answers to her interview questions? The theme of balancing work and family come into play.

Maximum Rush can be read as a standalone although fans of the series will enjoy glimpses of the couples from the previous books. 

And if you want more of the Hadley's...keep reading for an exclusive character interview! 


Prick Tease  Amazon US    Amazon UK
Lady Killer  Amazon US   Amazon UK
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Maximum Rush Amazon US  Amazon UK

~Character Interview~
5 Questions PLUS with the Hadley Family 
from Misti Murphy’s Tangled Desires Series

Welcome to the Book-Bosomed Book Blog everyone! (*looks around and makes sure there’s enough seating*) It’s good to see the Hadley family together, getting along, and happy. (*Points to sign above door: No Fighting & No Guns Allowed*) You’ve been a fun bunch to read about so tell us a little more.

The first question is for the girls…

Q1. Ladies, there’s a lot of magic in the family, but what does your man do that makes him more like Magic Mike?

Chels: “I’ve actually made Mace re-enact a couple scenes from that movie.”

Mace: “Oh come on, Chels. We’re allowed to keep some things secret.”

Tommy: “Yeah, wish you would. I don’t want to hear about my best friend and my brother’s sex life.”

Razer: “Hear about it. Pretty sure we heard it on more than one occasion.”

Gem: “I don’t know why you’re giving Mace a hard time. There’s been a couple times you’ve put on a damn good strip show yourself. Swinging in the doorframe, and showing off.”

Tommy: “Only because it turns you on. Anything to get my girl begging for my cock.”

Gem: “Well, it works.”

Claire: “Every move Raze makes is like pure freaking art. I swear he looks at me the wrong way, and it turns me on. He doesn’t need any special moves.”

Raze: “Same, Sugar. Can’t keep my hands off you.”

Mace: “Fucking hell. How do you two manage to have a life outside the bedroom? It’s disturbing as fuck the way you go on about each other.”

Maxi: Sorry? I, uh, zoned out a little there. Is it my turn? Are you asking what makes Rush like a stripper? Because, you know, this is the most clothes he’s worn all week. As soon as Sarah’s down for the night it’s like my own private strip show, so I don’t think he can get any more Magic Mike.

Chels: “Unless he dances.”

Mace: “Have you seen this fucker dance? Because the last time he danced—”

Rush: “Obviously it’s not where my talent lies.”

Claire: “You can say that again. For someone as tall and limber as you are, you look like a monkey on steroids.”

Rush: “Hey, I’m not that bad.”

Maxi: *Rolls eyes* “You can’t be great at everything. It’s not possible. But you’re pretty damn good at getting naked.”

Rush: “So are you, sweet cheeks.”

Mace: “Aw, aren’t you two just too fucking sweet? Next question.”

Q2. Okay guys, it’s your turn. Tell us something about your ladies that we don’t know or a hidden talent they don’t realize they have.

Tommy: “Gem can tie a gummy snake in a knot with her tongue. That’s all I’m saying.”

Mace: “I’m not sure that’s a hidden talent. We’ve seen her touch her nose with her tongue too.”

Tommy: “No it’s the other thing she can do with her tongue that you’re never going to find out about.”

Mace: “Jesus. Moving on.”

Chels: “Is it difficult to tie knots in things with your tongue? I’ve never tried.”

Mace: “Okay, now this I can get on board with.”

Gem: “We’ll get a bag of gummies on the way home. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it in no time.”

Mace: “Chels can speak Italian and French. Fluently.”

Chels: “No, I can swear fluently in Italian and French. Count to ten. I don’t really speak the language.”

Razer: “Claire’s really great at making people smile. She just has this way about her, that it doesn’t matter who they are, or what mood they’re in, a few minutes with her and they can’t help but be happy.”

Claire: “I’m not sure that’s true.”

Tommy: “That’s no hidden talent. You’ve always been that way.”

Rush: “I’m not certain it’s a secret, but I’m pretty sure Maxi doesn’t realize how good a singer she actually is. She can belt it out like she’s on American Idol. She’s got a really great voice.”

Q3. This one’s a couple question. Finish the sentence: If my partner was blindfolded he/she would still know it was me simply by ___________.

Chels: “Scent.”

Mace: “You always smell so fucking pretty. Chels would probably say by the way I move.”

Chels: “Yeah. I could tell it’s you from across the room by the way you walk.”

Raze: “That’s a tough one, isn’t it? I’d say by my hands.”

Claire: “They’re very good hands. Rough and tender all at the same time. Raze would know me by my voice.”

Raze: “True. But I’d know you anywhere. By the softness of your skin, the way you touch, the hitch you get in your breath when you bite your lip. Hell, if you’re in the room I’m turned on.”

Tommy: “Well, isn’t that just great. More stuff we didn’t want to know. Gem says she can tell when I’m around by the way I breathe.”

Gem: “It’s deeper, more relaxed, than anyone else I know. Plus it’s you, babe. My skin prickles as soon as you look at me. Hmmm, I’m not sure how you would know it’s me though. Maybe by the way I smell.”

Tommy: “Well, you do kind of smell like sugar, but it would be the little hum you get going in your throat and the way your body feels under my hands.”

Maxi: “My turn? Sorry, I was away with the faeries.”

Rush: “We’re you imagining blindfolding me?”

Maxi: “Uh, yes.”

Rush: “Fuck, now I’m dying to get you home.”

Maxi: “After the interview. So, for me it would be my shampoo. He always says that was one of the first things he noticed about me.”

Rush: “Raspberries. Yeah, you’re probably right. Maxi would know it’s me by my cock.”

Mace: “Of course you had to fucking go there.”

Rush: “You only wish it had been you.”

Maxi: “You’re incorrigible. It would be your presence. You’ve always been larger than life. Your energy fills space like nothing else. That’s how I would know.”

Rush: “You could have just gone with cock as the answer. That would have worked too.”

Q4. This question is for all the couples, whether you have children yet or not. There’s the old adage, ‘Does as I say, not as I do.’ Name something you’ve done (as a child or adult) that you would not want your children to follow in your footsteps by doing.

Rush: “Pretty much anything I’ve done before Maxi. I hope our kids turn out like her.”

Maxi. “I hope they get your energy. I’m not sure that there’s anything I don’t want my kids to do. Except let life overwhelm them.”

Raze: “I think if I were to tell my kids to do differently to me it would be to tell them not to be too stubborn, or to hold themselves back. Sometimes you have to push past your comfort zone no matter what holds you back.

Claire: “I love you, Raze.”

Mace: “Yeah, we all do man.”

Claire. “I won’t let my kids settle.”

Mace: “You’ve been such a goody-two-shoes, Little Bit, there’s nothing you could be hypocritical about.”

Claire: “What’s yours then?”

Mace: “Easy. Don’t swear, don’t beat on your best friends, don’t be too stubborn, or too cocky.”

Chels: “Except you and Rush already encourage Mia and Sarah to wrestle.”

Mace: “That’s different. That’s family.”

Chels: “Hmm. I think they’ll probably be who they are and do what they want, but I hope they always know they don’t have to hide things. There’s something to be said for laying one’s cards out on the table.”

Mace: “Yeah, we lost far too much time.”

Chels: “I’d change it if I could.”

Rush: “I think we all would.”

Mace: “What’s passed is past. We ended up exactly where we were meant to be.”

Tommy: “I’ve made mistakes. We all have. I’m not sure there’s anything I’ve done that I’d be horrified if any kids we may one day have did.”

Gem: “They’re never ever to date anyone abusive.”

Tommy: “They wouldn’t want to, pretty girl. Not with this family.”

Mace: “We’d kill a fucker, and bury them where no one would ever find them if that happened.”

Q5. Last question is for anyone or everyone that’s willing to answer. Halloween is only a few short weeks away. Spill a favorite Hadley Halloween memory—trick or treat.

Mace: Well there was this one time…

All groan.

Rush: “Why is it always so fucking scary when you utter those words?”

Claire: “Just let him tell it.”

Mace: “Anyway, as I was saying, there was this one Halloween. We were teenagers, all of us except Claire. If I remember correctly, mom took you out trick or treating earlier that year?”

Claire: “Probably. You guys never let me come with you.”

Rush: “You were a baby.”

Claire: “Whatever.”

Mace: “Right so, we’re wandering around the neighborhood, trick or treating. Nothing particularly exciting, until we get to this house.”

Rush: “Wait on, I think I remember this. Was that Ms Heartridge’s house, our English teacher?”

Mace: “Sure was.”

Tommy: “Oh God. I remember this.”

Raze: “Didn’t we stand at the gate and decide it was probably best to skip her house?”

Rush: “Sure did, but Mace here, he stalks up to her door and bashes on it like he’s the bloody police, or something.”

Mace: “Yeah. Except, I don’t think she knew what day it was. I mean, she should have, but I think maybe she had a date. Unless, of course she was trying to scare us kids with her costume.”

Tommy: “No joke, our English teacher comes to the door in a negligee and those heels that look like slippers. I could never look at her the same way again.”

Raze: “I don’t think she could look at us. I think that’s why she quit, what, it must have been less than two weeks later.”

Rush: “Of course, Mace can’t be counted on to keep his cocky mouth shut. So she’s gawping at us and trying to close the door, and he’s all trick or treat. So she tells us to go away. That she’s got no treats on her.”

Tommy: “And Mace says, ‘Of course you fucking do, that negligee hides nothing.’”

Mace: “Anyway, she slams the door in my face. Which is fine. I mean we’re all adolescent boys, now sporting half-chubs for our English teacher. That in itself is just disturbing when you think about it.”

Raze: “So we decide to go for trick. We’ve got a carton of eggs and a couple rolls of toilet paper. We’re just going to go with the classic. I mean, she’s our teacher. At that age it’s a matter of principle.”

Mace: “Yeah, but before any of us could do anything, Rush has pulled his own trick. Just walked up to her front window, dropped his pants and stuck his ass on the glass.”

Maxi: “Oh my Lord, you did not.”

Chels: “That’s disgusting.”

Mace: “It gets better.”

Gem: “What can possibly make this story better?”

Rush: “Well, you see, the one thing I didn’t think through while I was being a rotten turd and mooning Ms Heartridge, was the fact the street was full of people.”

Mace: “Kids everywhere. Parents. Cars going past.”

Raze: “And dropping his pants like that.”

Rush: “I swear the whole town saw my dick that day.”

Mace: “We got blasted by our parents. All of us were in so much trouble.”

Tommy: “It was pretty much all anyone could talk about for a good month. That Rush Hadley needs to learn how to be appropriate. All the Hadley boys do.”

Rush: “You know I think secretly everyone thought it was as funny as we did.”

Mace: “Maybe. It certainly wasn’t the first time we got caught doing something stupid.”

Tommy: “Wasn’t the last either. But yeah, it’s probably the most memorable.”

PLUS! 5 rapid fire questions. Tell us the first thing that comes to mind. Go…

#1 Favorite sound to hear first thing in the morning

Mace: Mia.”

Chels: “Yep, Mia. Well, Mace and Mia crashing around the kitchen. Morning cartoons. The coffee pot.”

Tommy: “Silence. Now that all you bastards aren’t living in my house anymore.”

Gem: “It’s never silent. Lucky snores worse than you do.”

Tommy: “Okay, pretty girl. What’s yours?”

Gem: “You, whispering in my ear. It’s the thing I wake up to every morning.”

Claire: “Raze hums in the shower. I don’t know why that makes me smile.”

Razer: “It also makes you join me. I like the way your voice is raspy before you wake up properly.”

Rush: “Music. Whatever Maxi puts on when she wakes. She sings along at the top of her lungs.”

Maxi: “Hilltop Hoods more often than not.”

#2 Last thing you do before you go to bed at night

Maxi: “Put my phone on silent. Otherwise it pings all night.”

Rush: “That’s not the last thing you do. You always double back to check on Sarah. Before bed, I swim. Before sleep, I thank Maxi for putting up with me.”

Maxi: “Yeah, you do.”

Tommy: “I don’t know how she does it. You’re always hyperactive.”

Rush: “Whatever, idiot.”

Tommy: “Shower together.”

Gem: “Yeah, or share a pint of ice cream. Sometimes both.”

Tommy: Depends on if you let me lick it off you or not.”

Mace: “I don’t want to know about your ice cream fetish, bro.”

Raze: “We cuddle up on the porch swing for a while and enjoy the serenity.”

Claire. “He reads to me.”

Raze: “You make me, sugar.”

Claire: “You know it gets me all hot and bothered when you use that sexy voice.”

Raze: “Okay, It’s probably not the last thing we do.”

Chels: “Mace and I talk until I fall asleep.”

Mace: “Communication is so important to us.”

#3 Midday pick me up—nap, work-out, or “afternoon delight” ???

Razer: “Honestly, what kind of question is that?”

Mace: “Right?”

Rush: “Exactly.”

Tommy: “Seriously?”

Claire: “I swear you boys could start your own club. Brain dead from the waist up.”

Mace: “Ha! She just called you brain dead, Raze.”

Razer: “I think she was talking about you.”

Gem: “Maybe we should all just agree that the obvious consensus is afternoon delight.”

Mace. “Speak for yourself. It’s all about naps in our house.”

Chels: “Well, we always say we’re going for a nap, though that isn’t usually what happens.”

Maxi: “Isn’t an afternoon delight a work out followed by a nap anyway? Can I say all three?”

#4 Holiday dinners—whose house and who’s cooking?

All: “Tommy’s.”

Tommy: “Probably mine and it depends on whether our parents are visiting.”

Gem: “No one can get Mona out of the kitchen once she’s in it.”

Claire“We share out the responsibilities.”

Tommy: “We do desserts.”

Rush: “I could always hire someone to cater.”

Tommy: “Learn to cook.”

Maxi: “We can all cook. It’s just they like to talk smack about each other. Obviously. So Tommy’s house and a group effort.”

#5 Ultimate family vacation—Disney World, LEGOland, or Circus Circus?

Chels: “Disney World.”

Mace: “No, LEGOland.”

Rush: “How about both. We’ll all go together. The kids will love it?”

Maxi: “I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World.”

Raze: “Maybe Disney World. Where do you want to go, Claire?”

Claire: “Anywhere with you.”

Tommy: “Aww, you two make me want to heave. I’m good with Disney World.”

Gem: “Disney World sounds fun.”

Rush: “I’ll organize it.”

Before they all take off in their Mickey Mouse ears for Disney World, a big thanks to the Hadley crew and Misti Murphy! 

Misti Murphy is a sadistic b*tch who loves to emotionally torture fictional people. If she did that in real life she’d probably end up in prison or a psych ward so she prefers to create dirty talking alphas and the sexually frustrated women who fall into their beds. And if someone needs to be smacked upside the head before f*cking turns to love then that makes her very happy indeed. She’s a huge believer in flaws making us human, and that not everyone likes bacon. She’s also addicted to chocolate and scared of the effects of the coming shortage. She swears like a f*cking trooper, and thinks that graphic smuttiness should be as real in fiction as it is in real life.  When she’s not writing she’s the perfect housewife and mother. Ha bloody ha! When she’s not writing she’s hiding in a cupboard with her kindle, scoffing chocolate, and stalking facebook.  

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