Tuesday, October 18, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: My Personal Bad Boy by Bethany James

I’m searching for wingman or woman. I’m seeking corruption and I want you to be my guide. I’m average, from my average height, to my average weight, to my average hair and my average clothes.

I spent New Year’s babysitting when I wanted to be anywhere else. I want a tattoo or maybe a piercing. I want to kiss a girl and have a one-night stand, not necessarily in that order. I’m not a virgin but I may as well be.

I want to experiment and gain experience. I’m sick of being the wallflower. I want to be so confident with myself and my sexuality that when I walk into a room head’s turn. Most of all, I want to live.

Reply to this message if you think you have what it takes.

~Book Review~
5 “I can’t believe I’m giving this” Stars

When I started out reading this, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to rate it. Pretty early on it was clear this was more erotic fiction than romance and to be fair Amazon does categorize it that way. This read was kinda like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. No scratch that, it’s like Mr. Toad’s Hot Horny Wild Ride!  My eyes popped wide, my mouth gaped open, the room got a lot hotter, and I read a few lines more than once. This is not my usual safe romantic read, but I had to know…What was Wes going to orchestrate next???  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So stuck home babysitting her sister’s kids on New Year’s Eve, Nic decides her life needs more excitement.  She wants to be a bad girl. She wants to try new things. (See the book description for what she wrote.) Thus, she places an internet ad searching for a bad boy to corrupt her. Enter Wes Matthews, a tattoo artist who answers her ad. He’s looking for a “new toy” (his words) and perfectly willing to be her sex life coach.
“‘You want me to corrupt you?...I can teach you how to be very bad, thing is, you’ll be taking my cock while I do it.’”
It’s not long and you realize this story could also be called How Nicole (or maybe Nic’s Coochie) Got Her Groove Back because exploring these wild sexual set ups, Nic is expanding her horizons, getting the life experiences that she desires, and gaining more self-confidence.  Wes, in a sense, empowers her to break out of her boring lifestyle. Of course, you could also title this, The Sexual Adventures of Wes and Nic and Whoever the Hell Else Wes Feels Like Including.

Anyways, despite all the wild scenarios, even from the beginning I felt an undercurrent of something with just Wes and Nic. Maybe it’s the romantic in me but I wanted to root for them to be together, to be something more than a casual hook-up. And as the story went along, the stronger that vibe became.

This story definitely isn’t for everyone. You probably need to go into it with an open mind. You definitely need some suspension of disbelief as, let’s face it, in the real world, at the very least, Wes would not be so hot, well endowed, or with Nic’s best interests at heart.
“…I survived the Wesosuarus Cock…”
And Wes is quite the enigma. I think that’s a large part of the appeal of the story. What is his deal? When is he going to contact her again? What will he have planned? How far does he take sharing?  He’s probably more of an erotic fantasy than a romantic book boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean he’s not confident, creative, alluring, and finally possessive.
“He brands me with his tongue so hot against mine and I whimper as I cum.”
It’s insanely hot and filthy dirty, filled with some original sexual adventures. (Holy cow the wheelbarrow position.) You never know what’s on tap next, but Wes, the bad ass bad boy, is sure to not disappoint.

What I found so refreshing about this super smutty tale is that not only does it have a plot and intriguing characters, but despite all the orgies and ménage a tois or ménage a fill-in-the-number, it’s pleasingly void of angst. There’s no cliché scheming villains (otherwise often known in the romance world as OW drama) or hidden agendas with most of the people Nic meets. I think that went a long way in my rating and, by the end, even made me a little envious of the close circle of trusted companions that Nic finds (oh and the hot, adventurous man too).

There are some grammatical issues (especially with misuse of past/present tense) for which I should probably deduct at least a quarter point off the rating, but if you’re considering reading this book you probably haven’t selected it for the grammatical mechanics so I’ll let it slide this time.

My Personal Bad Boy is a standalone erotic romance (yes in the end I think it is) told via Nicole’s first person POV. 

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