Thursday, August 10, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Kai by Michelle Abbott


My name is Kai Okamoto. I deal drugs. Trade escapism for cold, hard cash.
Born to a British Mother and a Japanese father, I grew up poor, hungry, and alone.  Hiding from the monsters at our door. The debt collectors.

I’ve worked hard to escape my past. I’m not that frightened little boy anymore. I’m wealthy, secure, and sure of myself. At least I was, until I met Lily.

Lily is a good girl. The kind of girl I should stay away from. I should, but I can’t.

I hate lying to her, but if she finds out who I am, what I do, I won’t see her for dust.

A standalone, bad boy romance, set in England.
4 Stars

Kai Okamoto, 21, happens to be at the right place, at the right time when it comes to meeting Lily Hawkins, 20. Too bad he’s in the wrong profession. Lily doesn’t think much of guys who deal drugs, but then she’s unaware that she’s falling for one.
“I see hunger and desire in this eyes, and for the first time I feel beautiful and powerful.”
Kai and Lily make a cute couple.  It was refreshing to read about two available people who find each other and get to know each other without any OW/OM drama. I appreciated that Lily had a healthy sense of skepticism and some street smarts when it came to being a single girl living alone in the beginning. It’s always nice to see a heroine exhibit qualities that are useful in the real world. While Kai lying to her and misleading her about what he did to make money was wrong, he was a sympathetic character who was a good guy at heart, just a little lost and actually quite vulnerable. I adored how well he treated Lily; he was definitely someone to root for.
“He grits his jaw as his thrusts quicken. His eyes close. Mine stay open. I want to see him. He’s beautiful.”
Told via Kai and Lily’s alternating first person point of view, this is a shorter read so there were some places I craved more and few items in the resolution I would have liked to see expanded on. But all in all, it’s a sweet, engaging, standalone story of two single young people who are finding their way in life.

Michelle Abbott lives in the UK and hates describing herself in 3rd person.
She's a self-published author who loves to write new adult romance about heroes who begin as the underdog and are protective of their girl.
She's an avid reader of romance, is addicted to coffee and loves wine and chocolate, so yeah, not the most healthy eating and drinking habits :-) She spends way too much time online when she should be writing. She collects teddy bears and occasionally knits a couple of rows on a sweater she started years ago, which she may eventually finish in time to wear for her funeral :-)


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review :-)

    1. You're totally welcome! I enjoyed reading about Kai and Lily.