Thursday, June 30, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Bet Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant

Series: The Something Series #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Being able to stand on your own two feet, sometimes requires getting knocked off them completely... 

McKenzie “Kenzie” Lane is newly graduated from college and looking forward to a dream internship she has lined up for the summer in LA. Unfortunately, her controlling mother has other plans. 

Colby Singer, with his hot-as-sin looks and wicked charm, is never without attention from the ladies. Despite suspecting how Kenzie feels about him, he’s always kept her comfortably off-limits since she’s the baby sister of one of his best friends. But when he’s determined to distract her temporarily from the stress of her mother’s ultimatum, deciding to show her some fun, he quickly finds that keeping her in the friend zone is not as easy as he’d hoped. 

Once Kenzie realizes this may be her last opportunity to gauge her long-time crush’s true feelings, she puts it all out there in the form of a bet. It's the perfect idea for her perfect man. 

Until he isn’t. 

Will a dose of reality lead to true love? Or will it crash and burn before it can even get started?

Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Third book of the “Something Series.”
Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content. 

~Book Review~
4.5 Stars

Kenzie Lane, 22,  has a long time crush on Colby Singer, 31,—next door neighbor boy with a panty dropping grin and baby face, the younger brother of her older brother’s friend and a reputation as a player.
“‘I’m not a big kisser. I normally prefer to get to the good stuff.’”
But Colby has completely friend zoned Kenzie. Or has he?
“‘Do you think you can accuse me of being testicularly challenged and expect that I wouldn’t react? You want alpha male, sweetheart, that’s what you’re getting.’”
Kenzie and Colby sported tons of fun banter, and they definitely have chemistry that I felt right away even when things for Kenzie didn’t go as anticipated ;-) 

Colby is cute, (*gasp I used that word*) a lot of fun, and pretty laid back till Kenzie gets under his skin.  I enjoyed the ways that she could ruffle his cool and confident demeanor.  Though their experience levels were completely unequal and he makes quite a few dick moves, overall he’s still a likeable hero.
“‘I still want to whack-a-mole your pretty-boy face…’”
Kenzie surprised me by turning out to be a pretty strong and solid, mature heroine. When we first meet Kenzie in the opening scene being dictated upon by her mother I wasn’t sure how much I’d like her, but that was just one facet of Kenzie, like most people in real life, and the more I got to know the character and as the story progressed it was clear she most definitely was not weak, and she held her own well.
“‘You’re asking me what the second date entails while standing here naked in front of me?’”
This book is seriously hot! It’s one of those stories where their interactions are sizzling off the page long before they even have sex and then there are plenty of smutty encounters. I love romances that really capture the details—the kiss, the touch, the bases… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but rest assured this book does sexy well.
“‘I’m torn between wanting to fuck you senseless or kiss you breathless. Take your pick, Kenz, but I’m not going anywhere.’”
Told primarily by McKenzie’s first person point of view, there were certainly places where I craved Colby’s thoughts or wanted to get inside his head. Hmm, but then don’t most women when it comes to men?  Anyways, this third book in the Something series is mainly an upbeat tale with new adult themes of figuring out life and love while finding yourself or the person you want to be.  It can easily be read as standalone though the characters in the stories are connected as family and friends. Having read the two previous ones as well, I’m getting curious about a story for Mark in the future. 


~Also Available~

Aubrey Bondurant loves to read, write and travel. When she isn't working full time or spending time with her family, she puts her fingers to keyboard and crafts a story.

As a former member of the military, she's passionate about veteran charities and giving back to the community.

Her writing style is a combination of chick lit and erotic romance or "smutty chick lit" as she calls it. The "Something Series" will consist of 5 books. 


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