Monday, March 9, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: To Cherish and To Hold by Nicole Simone

4 Stars

This novella (#1.5 in the Love of a Rockstar series) picks up shortly after where Love of a Rockstar left off so you’ll want to make sure to read Luke and Marlene’s story in that book first if you haven’t already.  We find them preparing for their wedding and the opening of their new restaurant as well as dealing with obsessed girl fans camped on their lawn, devastated over the break up of The Five Guys. Life sounds like it’s hectic enough for this pair with a five year old daughter and then things get even crazier!

Like Love of a Rockstar, To Cherish and To Hold brings up some interesting and engaging relationship angles.  Without giving all the details away, Marlene’s actions in a certain situation cause hurt feeling for Luke; is her reaction understandable given their past history or did she handle it badly? It’s an interesting thought to ponder and one I could see both of their sides, which is the nice thing about their characters—they seem real and imperfect in a developed character kind of way.

I love the cover—very sensual. And when Luke asked Marlene, “‘Are you going to admire it or f*ck it?’” in regards to his impressive length, I was really hoping we’d get a little more steam.

For everyone craving more of Luke and Marlene after the ending of Love of aRockstar, this addition to the story serves it up but still leaves room for so much more.

Broken Lullabies, #2 in the Love of a Rockstar series, is coming next (June 2015) and will feature Luke’s band mate, Matthew, and Marlene’s friend, Camille. Sample chapters included. This looks like a really engaging one too so keep an eye out for it.


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