Thursday, September 24, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: More than Kisses by Renee Ericson


A night with five of their closest friends was all that Evelyn and Foster had planned for when they decided to take part in a holiday progressive dinner party. However, when an unexpected guest makes an appearance and throws Evelyn off her game, it’s up to Foster to bring her back to her senses. His plan involves a little more than kisses.

A More Than Water short story complete with sexy times and a hair fetish, told from the dual POV of Evelyn and Foster.


~Book Review~
5 Stars

Author Renee Ericson has dedicated this one to everyone that wanted more Fozzie and EJ from More Than Water and she certainly delivers, though I think I now want more of them at every holiday if it’s a delight like this.  Valentine’s Day, Renee? Please, please.  

So this short story finds Evelyn and Foster getting ready to spend the evening with friends for the holidays.  It starts off with their characteristic sexy-nerdy banter that had me smiling and laughing.
“‛How about it made it aerodynamic? I could have sworn I took a ride to space and saw stars on more than one occasion.’”
“‛Just don’t ever wave me in for a landing.’” 
“‛Why not?...I want you sitting firmly in the cockpit.’”
For the record, that’s EJ talking about Foster’s penis.  And his penis certainly comes into play in this hilariously sexy holiday adventure.

A dinner party faux pas gives EJ a little more than an eyeful, sending her mind reeling, but the ever-adorable Fozzie knows how to bring EJ back to earth.  (It’s funny; that’s all I’m gonna say.)
“I’ll make her think about my dick. She seems fond of it.”
Oh Foster, if you could only clone yourself. There should be so many more book boyfriends like you.

EJ needs to clear her head and a night of clandestine foreplay does just the trick. While I can thankfully say I’ve never had a real life moment like EJ’s, I have had a few too many fictional scenarios that I’d love to wipe clean from my brain so I still related.  But there are no brain bleach moments here. In fact, both More Than Water and More Than Kisses make wonderful “distractions,” gracing the reader with many smile-inducing memories.  There really needs to be more contemporary romances like these.  

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