Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: The NewlyFEDS by Logan Chance

4 Stars

FBI agent Addison Buckley wants to advance from her desk job and be a field agent, and now her chance rests in the success of her new case—going undercover in an affluent suburb posing as newlyweds with sexy and assured agent Vin Mills.

Except Addison doesn’t really like Vin, and Vin thinks Addison is a bit uptight, certainly not his type till she fakes a sexy phone sex voice and gets caught in her panties. Then the stakes begin to change as the more the two get to know each other, the more they progress from “enemies” to friends to lovers.
“No way am I having my fake marriage be actionless.”
Vinn was cute to read as he tried to balance his determination to catch the bad guys with letting his bachelorhood fall behind him as he found Addison and the idea of settling down more comforting.
 “My dick is more than adequate, just an fyi.”
Though he’d lived a no-commitment lifestyle, he seemed like a good guy at heart.
“Sometimes, the best ‘man’ for a job is a woman.”
Addison’s end of the story is more sentimental as she negotiates the balance between real relationships and fake. It adds a heartwarming touch to the story, though I do wish she’d have gotten a bad ass moment or two.

The romance is a bit slow burn. I wouldn’t have minded them turning up the heat. They make a nice couple, but I didn’t always feel their chemistry.

The mystery angle kept me engaged. If you enjoy a little who-done-it, this one will give you a chance to break out your deduction skills. I’ll admit, I didn’t correctly guess the culprits.  

You will have to suspend some disbelief though. Like over the lack of home security systems and alarms in this well-off community, why an agent would chance suspicion on himself by buying a high-tech lock at his suspect’s business rather than obtaining it through the bureau, and how little these folks seem to worry about their lawns for a suburban neighborhood.

It's probably more The Real Housewives than The ‘Burbs. And while the supporting female characters rock nosey, they and their counterparts aren’t nearly as neurotic as suburbia can get. Told via Vinn and Addison’s alternating first person POV, it’s a light and easy read, a safe, low angst book to enjoy for some stress relief at the end of the day or an afternoon on the beach this summer.

*Title purchased from Amazon in May 2019. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest opinions.

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