Wednesday, January 24, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Babyjacked by Sosie Frost

4 Stars

Cassi Payne hasn’t seen Remington Marshall, 27, in five years when he fled town following the burning of her family farm’s barn.  Self-imposed exile in the Canadian wilderness comes to an end for Rem when his little nieces need him.  Turns out a three year old and a one year old is more work that cutting down trees, and a nanny in the form of his old love is just what he needs.
“I grabbed the biggest zucchini from the display and wiggled it before her. She had enough class to ignore the metaphor.”
This started out really comical. The scenes and descriptions were witty and I chuckled out loud quite a few times at the chaos with the kids. Rem and Cassi also had an entertaining rapport and great banter with plenty of innuendo. It kept the dialogue fun to read.
“‘All good girls like a little nut.’
‘You haven’t seen me crush one yet.’
‘Say the word, and I’ll bust one myself.’”
As the story progresses though, some of the issues get a little heavier, and I noticed the tone shifted from light-hearted romcom to life problems and miscommunication, which was disappointing as the author shows talent at writing humorous scenarios. While it’s not angsty, whiplash was starting to build from Rem’s changing resolutions to win her back or let her go.  And poor Cassi with those 5 grown brothers of hers—oh man she was a saint for putting up with them as much as she did. None of them were endearing and Tidus needed to man up long before he did. Either there wasn’t enough resolution there or he got off easy. And speaking of getting off easy, that social worker needed a complaint filed about her and her racist remark.  

There were certainly places where this story affirmed my distain for judgmental small towns, and my god did the public library not know they make washable children’s paint these days??? Or hello, Crayola’s ColorWonder only shows up on special paper!  As far as I was concerned, the only person who should have been ashamed in that situation was the children’s librarian who ran the program.

I gotta say, the cover is alluring—the abs, the V, the baby—yeah it grabbed my attention. Told via Remington and Cassi’s alternating first person POV, there are a few hot scenes too. That tub and that porch…well it’s used well. 
“No more words, only grunting. No more foreplay, only rutting.” 
I do wish the tale would have been clearer on whether Rem had been celibate or not. I’m going to hope for the best, especially since Cassi at twenty-some years old and a college graduate was a still a virgin. On the plus side, the story is free of OW/OM drama. I also give kudos for depicting an interracial couple, something that’s not embraced enough in contemporary romance market. 

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