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Book Bosomed Book Blog's Golden Treats of 2018

📚 Another reading year nears to a close, and it's time to reflect on the romance releases of the past twelve months. 

It's been a tough year for romance books though in many ways. A lot of readers were frustrated with the selections. And then there was...ahem...ah...a lot of corruption.😲 There’s no point dancing around it. Let’s just throw it out on the table and talk about it. This year has seen social media blow up with news of trademark trolling, book stuffing, trend manufacturing, reader bullying, and review tampering. I’ve read about and seen personally so many scams it makes me really disappointed in a community that should know better. 

Some months back, I even had a troll try to tell me that I should stop reading contemporary romance because based on my three-something star average for reviews, I must not enjoy it very much! (For the record, per Goodreads's Year in Books, it's 3.6.)

I rolled my eyes at her naivety because if you’re writing reviews for everything you read, realistically and statistically you’re going to have things you love😍, hate😬, like😊, and just feel kind meh😔 about.  And when you average that all together, you’re probably gonna come out in the middle. In contrast, this troll’s average was about as close to five stars as you can get. She was either holding back the lesser ones or tossing out 5 stars like they were cheap candy 🍬on Halloween night. 

But my five stars are more like golden 🍫 Wonka bars. Because you don’t get one every time, they’re special. And that’s how I view the books on this list. 💖

Don't let the titles mislead you.😉 These romantic heroes and heroines might be untrainable, might be outcasts, might make no apologies, might be a little buzzed, might lick pickles; and might obsess about their dick; but they make a great romantic escapes that will put a smile on your face! They are also positive presentations of love, which is the whole point of the romance genre.

So here’s the romance stories that really spoke to my sweet tooth.
😉  These titles are the ones that when I peeled back the the wrapper (aka the cover), I found a delicious winner.

Your Golden Reads Await You....
Each contains:
☑ Quality Ingredients (themes & messages present a positive depiction of love)
☑ Fresh Treats/No Stale Candy (stories are original & feel relevant to the time)
☑ Rich Chocolate (the characters and romantic elements have depth)
☑ Tasty Flavor (sweet and filling yet leaves you craving more!)

by Jamie Schlosser
"Being turned-on was way better than having a panic attack, and I was fully prepared to keep her in a constant state of frustration if I had to."
He's a former reality star who can't shake his bad rep. She's a talent show dog trainer who believes you can teach an old dog new tricks. This underdog  just needs a little love.

Find out more: BOOK REVIEW
Pickle Licker
by Allie Gail
“‘She hasn’t said two words to me in three weeks and all of a sudden she’s deep-throating my pickle.’”
She can't believe his nerve. He can't keep his hands off her food....till she licks it. Then he can't keep his hands off her! Break out the mistletoe fairies and pickle ornaments (yes they really do exist) to celebrate the holidays 'goofy Christmas romance' style. 

Whiskey Dick
by Ryan Ringbloom
“‘One room, one bed, condoms.’”
He has a not so small fear of flying. She has a not so small fear of flying too. Stranded at the airport the solution seems  simple, but it's far more complicated.  This one night stand gone oh so wrong is a long road to something bigger. Buckle up! It's a hilariously crazy ride...

by Jamie Schlosser
“The wooing doesn’t end once you’ve got the girl; then you have to keep her.”
He the quiet student, bullied because of a bum leg. She hangs with the popular kids even though she doesn't fit the mold. They might initially think it's unrequited, but first love—first everything has never been so hot!

Find out more: BOOK REVIEW
Without Apology
by Aubrey Bondurant
“It was amazing how much more quickly a twenty-five hour ride went when you spent most of it having sex….I was sure Simon had been inside me in every single state we’d driven through.”
He's unapologetic at his job. She's up for a promotion in the company he's about to gut. Office politics gets dicier when these two 'quite singles' can't resist the attraction. 

Find out more: BOOK REVIEW

His Mimosa
by Jamie Schlosser
“‘The truth is, I’ve known you for less than two hours and you’re already one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.’”
She's a glass-is-half-full cocktail waitress. He's a glass-is-half-empty skeptic of love. It was only supposed to be a Vegas fling, but it was something so much more...

Find out more:  BOOK REVIEW
💕 To the authors who produced these fabulous romances—thank you for writing them!

🎅 And to everyone—have a happy & safe holiday season filled with love!

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