Thursday, October 30, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Oh, Naughty Night! by Leslie Kelly

Looking for a holiday themed romance? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...take your pick; this one covers it all.

Oh, Naughty Night! (Harlequin Blaze) by Leslie Kelly

3.5 Stars

Oh, Naughty Night! is the story of Lulu Vandenberg and Chaz Browning, spanning from Halloween through Christmas although a large part of the book deals with Halloween night.  Lulu and Chaz were neighbors growing up, their mothers are best friends. But there wasn’t exactly friendship between them. Lulu was the tormenter to a rather awkward Chaz. Now as adults they are living in the same city again and, in costume out celebrating Halloween, Lulu spots a very grown up, head-turner Chaz and sparks fly. Only Lulu may recognize him, but Chaz does not recognize her in her witch’s disguise. They dance, they flirt, and the night gets risky and steamy. But identities remain guarded. When Chaz’s sister appears on the scene, Lulu bolts before she can be discovered.

Now Chaz is looking for his mystery woman, and he becomes even more confused when the only other girl to rival the attraction he feels for his fantasy witch is Lulu, who he reconnects with as friends.

The story is a fun, holiday romance. While there is misunderstanding, there is no angst. It’s a sweet, sexy, and light-hearted read.

Can Chaz forgive Lulu’s deception? Will the other women in Chaz’s life come between them? Or will his job separate them instead?  A Christmas miracle might be just what they need to overcome all the obstacles they know are standing between them as well as the ones they don’t seem to realize.

I particularly enjoyed the scene where Chaz ascertains Lulu’s deceit.  It was cute, humorous, and then eventually quite heated.  There are quite a few naughty scenes to keep the heating brewing too.

My big drawback with the story was the 3rd person narration. I have a strong preference for 1st person POV when it comes to romance stories.  Lulu and Chaz were both likeable, but I could have felt connected with them so much more if it would have been told from their alternating point of views. With a narrator telling their feelings instead of hearing it from the characters themselves, there were just too many times that my attention veered off since I wasn’t inside their heads.

The supporting characters are also likeable, and Lulu’s friend’s Amelia gets her own holiday story in New Year’s Resolution: Romance, an anthology coming in January 2015.  I can’t say my interest in Amelia was ever perked throughout Lulu’s story, but a book on Sarah and Lawrence, Chaz’s sister and Lulu’s brother, would be interesting. 

Copy provided by NetGalley for review.


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