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BLOG TOUR: Broken Lullabies by Nicole Simone

 Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2015

His eyes as black as the the devils tongue

His melodic voice more tempting than a siren's call

Three years ago, Camille Barker was held at knife point but her attacker wasn't the one who haunted her dreams. No, it was the man that stood a-washed in the yellow glow of the street light, his stare observant but heedless. A witness to the senseless act. The venom that dripped from his twisted lips saved Camille's life and set her soul ablaze. Reemerging from the ashes, she set upon the well worn path her parent's always dreamed she would take.

That is until rock n roller, Matthew Lee, shows her that you can only bask in the sun so long before the monsters come out to play.

~Book Review~
4 Stars
“‛I’m the darkness in your dreams
You’re the moon that lights my starless sky
I’m the crow by your windowsill that sings — a broken lullaby.’”
One devastating night sealed Camille Barker and Matthew Lee’s fate when they were strangers. Now they meet again. Only time has blurred the image and instead of the emotionally abusive monster that Camille saw that night, she now sees the gorgeous likes of rock star and lead singer Matthew Lee of The Five Guys. 
“Now here she was, dropped into my life like a goddamn grenade. I wanted to dismantle it and avoid the wreckage Camille’s presence would cause, but it felt like a moot point. Once the grenade landed, you only had seconds before it blew. You had to close your eyes and hope you made it out alive with all your limbs intact.”
Both Camille and Matthew struggle with that night when they were different people.  It’s colored the way they see themselves, and it’s made them both feel like a lesser person. 
“What I had to remember was that angels don’t fall in love with the devil.”
Camille is actually a pretty feisty, strong willed character, but she’s been broken by the night of her attack and still wrestles with nightmares, anxiety, and feelings of insecurity—both physical and emotional.

Matthew is equally as tormented by the same night and his role in it. As a result he struggles with his identity.  In actuality, there are many sides to Matthew which an agreement to help Camille live life to the fullest again allows her and the reader to see. In the meantime, they must also wrestle with the attraction they feel towards each other and the boundaries they aren’t sure should be crossed. 
“‛I don’t care if we f*ck upside down, sideways, or on all fours…’”
Told via Camille and Matthew’s alternating first person POV, this story is about learning to move on from the past, finding your true self—the person you want to be, and living your dreams.  While the premise sounds somewhat dark, the message is positive and the angst is pleasingly minimal.  

Once again Nicole Simone does a great job of taking a “hero” who has made some majorly wrong choices against the heroine and turning him into a guy that you still root for. Speaking of which, Luke and Marlene from Love of a Rockstar and To Cherish and To Hold  make appearances as minor characters in this one. And band mate, Sean, will be featured in the next book, Melody of Truth. (A sample is included at the end). Still Broken Lullabies can be read as a stand-alone so choose either title to get started in this series today!

I couldn’t be the reason she’d found happiness again when I was the fucking person who’d bestowed the nightmares and misery on her in the first place. I knew this would happen. I knew if I gave into my desires, the trigger would be pulled. It was only a matter of time before the damage of my actions followed. Anguish clawed at my throat as Camille’s beautiful face fell.

Her voice hardly above a whisper, she spoke. “Nevermind. Forget I said anything.”

It would be an honor to hold her sunshine in the palms of my hands, but it was an honor I didn’t deserve. This – whatever this was -- had to come to an end, which pained me as much as getting my leg blown off would have. Camille would be fine though. She would move on, find a nice guy, get married, and move to a house with a white picket fence. The whole nine yards. Because she deserved it. I would be a distant blip in her memory. But if we continued down this path, Camille would eventually see the monster that lurked inside me. And that would be worse than missing a leg. That would be equivalent to having my heart blasted to smithereens.

Nicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, pens character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Los Angeles, C.A with her fat bulldog named Humphrey. She loves hearing from her readers and can be reached at

Love Of A Rockstar (Love Of A Rockstar, #1)

To Cherish And Hold (Love Of A Rockstar, #1.5)

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