Wednesday, September 14, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Double Team by Sabrina Paige

5 Stars
“‘You should be thanking the universe for dropping two hot guys in your lap—especially after the long drought you’ve had.’”
Well I know I am.

It’s been a long, hot summer folks but unfortunately many of my reads haven’t been smoking.  So I’m kinda giddy to tell you that if you’ve been in a reading slump like me, this one might be just what you’re looking for if you’re up for some fun and dirty ménage romance. 

Grace Monroe Sullivan, 26, is the president’s daughter. Single, she lives a quiet life and heads a children’s charity foundation. Uncomplicated, conservative, and boring all go out the door the moment she comes face to face with her new next door neighbor. Neighbors. Both of them.

Aiden Jackson and Noah Ashby are high profile football players. Best friends since childhood, they are a bit of opposites but they do share a few things in common. They could have any woman they want, but one meeting with Grace and they suddenly only want her. Boys will be boys, and boys will be competitive and play dirty. What’s a good girl to do when these two hunks set their sights on the same conquest?
“‘But you’re mine. I mean ours. And we are going to take every inch of you.’”
This book is straight out hot and hilarious!  I smiled, I swooned, I laughed out loud, and my panties got wet. This story has it all…including some things you might not have thought of—bongo drums and drones; lawnmowers and love confessions; packages and pranks; moonshine and  knitting, star spangled butt plugs and bananas; secret service and secret meetings. The list of fun little surprises could go on.
“‘Also, my dick wouldn’t be a dirty secret, either, because I’m pretty proud of it.’”
There’s just no shortage of shenanigans when it comes to the bad boys from West Bend.
“‘This ain’t the first time I’ve been in cuffs, if you know what I mean.’”
If you are looking for a hot read, this is most definitely one to pick up. It totally delivers on the dirty interactions without skimping on the character development or plot.  I absolutely adored the way the tale played out. It was a ton of fun, and Noah and Aiden were such a riot—you’ll want your own double team long before you reach the last page.

Told via Grace, Aiden, and Noah's alternating first person POV, the premise was fresh and upbeat and there’s plenty of entertaining banter. Oh, there’s one particular part that would normally leave me frustrated with the heroine, but how it played out in this scenario with the boys was hilarious and an ingenious twist on a common romance troupe. (See chapter 26)  The comedic twists will keep you on your toes while the steamy threesome will keep you panting.
 "‘Not yet, sugar. This is all about you, so fucking enjoy it.’”
Double Team is a light-hearted, erotic, romantic comedy, sports romance without the sports. ;-) There’s no OW/OM drama, just two hot athletics and one president’s daughter.

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