Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Trucker by Jamie Schlosser

4.25 Stars

Travis Hawkins, 21, is a truck driver. But park you trucker stereotypes and misconceptions at the door.  He isn’t crude, rude, or a perv. He’s sweet, sexy, and a total book boyfriend.
“‘Sexy truckers like Pinterest, too.’”
Angel Thomas, 17/18, is basically an orphan, a runaway, and a hitchhiker. Oh, and definitely a bit naïve. But before she runs into any real trouble, fate intervenes causing these two to meet on a stretch of highway and everything that they’ve been missing in life becomes available to them. But that doesn’t mean the road is always easy.
“‘Oh, I’ll honk your horn so hard…’ –Angel
‘…Baby, I love I when you talk trucker to me.’” –Travis
Angel wants to make it to California to start a new chapter in life for both her and her convict mother, and when things start to develop between her and Travis, their time together faces an expiration date. Meanwhile, Travis is a coveted bachelor in a small town and while Angel makes some new friends, not all of the locals are happy to meet Angel.

Told via Angel and Travis’s alternating first person point of view, the story is largely low angst, light-hearted, and feel good with positive messages and examples of love.  There are no stupid, strung out misunderstandings here. The couple is young, but they know how to communicate. I give the story major points for taking a typical clichéd ‘OW misinforms the heroine’ troupe and showing how a mature person handles it—with a private conversation that avoids unnecessary further drama.  This scene alone helped make both Angel and Travis very likable and levelheaded. We need more role models like this in romance!

What was also refreshing was the virgin status of both the heroine and the hero and, most importantly, the way it was handled. Travis doesn’t go all caveman about Angel’s purity. His response depicts a real man respectful of women and secure in his own sexuality: 
“It didn’t really matter to me if she was or not.”  
Furthermore, their first time isn’t treated as a means of possession. It’s beautifully done, very sexy, and captures the emotions of the experience. And once it happens, there’s no shortage of steam in the story.  :)
“She licked her lips and my body suddenly felt electrified, like a soda can after it got shaken up, ready to combust.”
All in all, in a contemporary romance market often polluted with manwhores and sexist pigs, I wish more authors would take a chance with this scenario and these type of good guy heroes.

Trucker is the first book in The Good Guys standalone series. Dancer is next featuring Travis’s roommate Colton.  

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