Wednesday, May 13, 2020

BOOK REVIEW: Baby Daddy Wanted by Hazel Kelly

4 Stars

Maeve Mason has accomplished many things, but the one box she hasn’t checked is motherhood. When she finds out ‘capable’ isn’t a compliment, she seeks solace at the nearest bar.

Of all the bars in town, Finn isn’t expecting to find a girlfriend at his own. He doesn’t even want one. A laid back musician, he’s perfectly content with his life till meeting Maeve makes him want more.

Told via their dual alternating first person POV, I found Maeve and Finn both likeable, mature adults. Their flirting was fun to read, and it was easy to see that Finn was a keeper with his relaxed demeanor and witty personality.
“‘It’s my new deodorant. Makes me smell great and sound cleverer than I am.’”
I would let my hair down for Finn too cause when that happens things heat up. Finn didn’t disappoint when it comes to his moves and their sexy times.
“She looked at me from under heavy eyelids like I had her heart in my hands instead of her thighs, and my lower body began to boil.”
Their encounters were well written, and I craved a little more of them.
“...her every shallow breath was all the melodies I’d failed to write, beautiful and mysterious and just beyond my grasp.”
These two opposites complimented each other well, and were exactly what the other needed. I only wish Finn’s realization would have come with a little more epic moment.  But otherwise, I appreciated the low-angst nature of the romance for a relaxing afternoon read.
Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Otis. He was a cute addition to the story.

Safety Recap:

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