Thursday, April 30, 2020

Quarantine Burning Questions

I hope this fun little post find all the blog’s followers healthy and safe during the COVID19 global pandemic. 

While I’ve largely been preoccupied with life outside the romance world, every now and then I need a little escape. So as I looked around the blog's shelves today, I pondered the current activities of certain memorable characters from a handful of my favorite reads.  The below list includes some fabulous titles and series, and if you're finding a little extra time on your hands right now or simply need a romantic reading escape during these stressful days, I can't recommend the following enough. 

In the meantime, I present...
Book-Bosomed Book Blog's 
 🔥 Burning Questions of the Quarantine

Did the God Pack take a selfie of themselves in their ‘You Wish We Were Dead Motherfuckers’ masks 😷 and text it to Denko to taunt him? 


Does Naz have a mask to match his nefarious black gloves? And does the mob consider his job essential???

Are Nora and Julian sheltering-in-place on the island? Is Julian still dealing illegal arms or has he switched to toilet paper? 🚽

Did Fozzie put his chemistry skills to use to make his own hand sanitizer or is he too busy playing periodic table drinking games with EJ?

Did Nina and Carter panic buy M&Ms? 

Does the saggin’wagon have a dead battery yet or has Beverly been using it to make those life sustaining trips to the liquor store? And what does Sweetpea🐦 have to say about everyone being home all day? 

Does hot recluse John Michaels think social distancing is the best idea ever?

What kind of racy Zoom calls 💻 are Petyon and Simon holding these days? 

What's the 411 on the Pussy Tamer's quarantine emergencies?

How in the world are Wes and Nicole managing social distancing during orgies with their friends??? 😜

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