Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Hooked on the Game by C. M. Owens

5 Stars

Raya Capperton’s freshman year of college isn’t off to a great start. The prestigious rich kids treat her differently, her roommates have been expelled, her dad keeps trying to send her dirty money from prison, and the spoiled neighbor’s party just “crashed” into her living room. And things can only go from bad to worse when her only option for housing is living with said spoiled, rich boy Kade Colton.

Raya and Kade come from completely different worlds, and she’s not sure his inner circles will accept a poor girl with a con artist for a dad. But there is an abundance of chemistry between Kade and Raya that makes you root for them to take the plunge. 
“I wobble when his tongue delves into my mouth, and the hot metal of his piercing makes me heat up between my thighs, inviting my scandalous thoughts to dance in my mind.”
This is a cute new adult story with two love interests who are charming together. Told via Raya’s first person point of view, the reader sympathizes with her when Kade first seems like a brat and then falls along with her when she realizes he’s so much more than meets the eye.

Kade starts off moody and cocky but soon becomes pretty adorable. And hot. Wanted to grab the tongue pierced boy myself and kiss him. ;-)  I loved how he swooped in at the right moments during the party and acted cool during their trip to the trailer park. The story offers plenty of sweet moments alongside an engaging plot that is paced well and never drags.  And by the end, the meanings behind the title comes to light.

Can Raya and Kade keep money and social status from ruining their budding relationship? Is Kade hooked on the game? Will Raya get hooked on hers? And who is really running a con?

There was some nice unexpected twists to this story that allows it to offer a little “adventure” in addition to new adult romance. While I really wanted to see “HUPRIDE” get taken down a peg or too, I liked the way Kade at least showed up Raya’s former “friends.”  And while Raya was destined for Kade, Brody Sparks was pretty alluring too. I hope he gets his own book at some point. There’s certainly potential for a great story with him.

Hooked on the Game can be purchased as a stand-alone: AMAZON   B&N

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Meanwhile, I’ll be checking out #1.5, Kade's Game, which is the story from Kade’s POV! AMAZON   B&N

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