Thursday, March 29, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Knocked Up By the Bad Boy/The Warriors MC by Nicole Fox


I made a bet with my brothers:
First one to knock up a local girl wins.
At first, I don’t care what happens.
But when Bambi crosses my sights… losing is no longer an option.

I could never resist a pretty girl. 
And Bambi’s body screams temptation. 

She’s the County Queen. 
Sin and sex with curves for days. 

But it isn’t until I’ve snatched her for myself that I realize there’s a lot happening in the shadows. 
The stakes are higher than I ever imagined. 

Too f***ing bad. 

I intend to make Bambi mine. 
Screw the bet. 
Screw it all. 

She WILL carry my child. 
But only after she begs for my seed. 

And again. 
And again. 

~Book Review~
4 Stars

I gotta admit that I picked up this book because a) The cover was hot—I’m a sucker for a tatted guy with a baby; b) It was a freebie; and c) the premise had me curious. To be perfectly honest, I thought it was going to be a train-wreck. I mean, come on, a bet between a bunch of motorcycle guys to be the first to knock up a random unsuspecting girl!

So mostly I started reading to figure out the characters' motivations in this situation. Which brings me to my last disclosure… d) I rarely read MC romance because I loathe the sexist culture. So color me pleasingly surprised that I not only kept reading it, but that it wasn’t your typical motorcycle club angsty romance nor was it some sexist “breeding” tale. (The blurb really doesn't do this book justice.)

Snake, 25, is a member of the Warriors MC, cruising through some small southern town with his buddies. Brash, egotistical, and showing off for each other, they make this ridiculous bet. Snake spies Bambi on a poster for Peach Festival Queen in a bar and sets his sights on her.
“I knew she was coming. I saw that look of desperation in her eyes, that need to do something different, something bad.”
Bambi and Snake had good chemistry, and I quickly found myself engaged in their story. This tale is on the shorter side, and I do wish their time together on the road would have been more developed, to add some more depth to the story and because I liked them together.
“‘Don’t hold back…Let anyone who wants to hear us know how much you’re enjoying yourself. It’s your moment.’”
Now, there are two things I really need to praise. Number 1, it’s actually kind of a positive, sweet story with a little epic “movie moment” in the climax. That part was really cute and had me grinning from ear to ear. It also sealed the romantic factor.

Number 2, Snake’s “speech” to Bambi in the resolution took what was a potentially sexist and certainly skeevy premise and affirmed that it was not something to romanticize. That went a long way in showing how Snake had grown and that he was a good guy to admit that their bet was wrong and utterly ill thought out.
“‘I can see what an awful thing that was to even suggest, much less agree on.’”
I give the author major points for turning the premise around, and I applaud how their HEA worked out. There’s too many tales out there where a young girl gets shackled to some sexist alpha with no future of her own, but that’s not the case here. Snake was Bambi’s bad boy white knight and helps her grow, embrace her potential, and achieve her dreams. They bring out the best in each other and that’s an important theme in romance.

Told via Bambi and Snake’s alternating first person POV, this is a safe, mostly low angst romance, pleasingly free of any OW drama that ends on a feel-good note that I enjoyed.


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