Monday, April 23, 2018

BLOG TOUR: Going Down by Katy Connor



She gets my blood pumping in a way I’ve never felt on stage…

I didn’t think taking care of my uncle’s building while he’s on vacation would be half as exciting as drumming, but the nerdy doctor in 7B gets my blood pumping in a way I’ve never felt on stage.

I’ve pushed her buttons at every turn, but she’s all work and no play. And sadly immune to my charm. But now the latest Nor’easter has us stranded in our elevator. Alone. And it’s the perfect time to push every single button I can.

My hands are itching to touch her, and her voice alone makes me rock hard. So I tease her. And she fires back. And then her tight little body brushes up against mine in challenge, and it’s all the green light I need.

Going down in an elevator has never been this sexy…

This 30k sexy stand-alone novella has a guaranteed safe romance and happily ever after.

~Book Review~
3.25 Stars

Holly Vincent, 27, is an ER doctor just off an all night shift and without heat in her apartment.  Danny Colton, 29, is a drummer filling in for the building superintendent. On the way to the basement, an elevator malfunction during a blizzard traps them together, and Danny is totally down with playing doctor to pass the time.
“‘Horizontal is always better…’”
Danny projects a cool, laid back attitude that definitely makes him an attraction.  He says just enough to be alluring and sexy, and this summa cum laude graduate surely aced dirty talk. That’s another thing I liked about Danny, even though he didn’t flaunt it, he was a smart guy.

Holly, unfortunately, didn’t work for me. She was uptight, prissy, persnickety, and a bit stuck-up. While it was refreshing that she wasn’t the trite virginal heroine character, she still acted like a naïve, inexperienced teen. Her monologues were annoying, including things like, “I’m pretty goddamn smart.”  Most educated people (especially ones with a MD degree) don’t say things like that.

But the tale is hot, dirty, and adventurous. I may never look at a tool box the same way again.

Okay, at that point I might have started side-eying things.  But Danny was a total keeper.  In fact, I rather thought he deserved better than Holly.

Typical of many novellas, it could have benefited from a little more development and the ending is abrupt. Told via Holly and Danny’s first person POV, this story is full of lust, boasts a sweet, fun-loving guy, and is pleasingly free of OW/OM drama. 

Now I’ve got to go get Aerosmith unstuck from my head…

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Katy Connor is the thirty-something author of the 50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy series and has a serious addiction to her iPhone. When she’s not checking social media, she can usually be found in a local coffee shop, drinking hipster coffee and dancing in her seat to the horrible music. Katy loves to hear from fans, so reach out and say, hey, girl, hey, on any of her social media!

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