Friday, February 17, 2017

BOOK REVIEW/FEATURE: One Flight Stand by Kim Linwood


Montana is the man I can’t have. Me, I’m the girl he shouldn’t want.

We’re like Romeo and Juliet.

That is, if Juliet was forcibly engaged to Romeo’s half-brother, everyone carried guns instead of swords… and Romeo knocked up Juliet in the first class bathroom on a flight out of Chicago.

Alright, so not quite the same. But at least our families have the blood feud going, so that’s something. And even if we didn’t, our baby will definitely start one.

We met with a kiss. I ached to run my fingers through his unruly hair, he needed to shake a handsy cougar. It was fate. His intensely dark eyes took my breath away, and his quick smile made it all too easy to forget that I wasn’t for him, and never would be.

But for that stolen, reckless moment, I was his.
How was I to know that moment would tie us together for the rest of our lives?
And leave me with morning sickness.

Montana vows to fight both our families to keep my baby and me safe. I just want us to get out of this alive, with neither of us dumped into the middle of Lake Michigan with a new pair of cement shoes.

Welcome to love in the Mafia.
Hope you brought enough popcorn to share. I’m having a craving.

~Book Review~
5 Stars

Andrea DiFiero, 22, is a mafia princess who just wants to be an average college student. But her family and fate have other plans when “business changes” and one transatlantic flight brings a whole lot of turbulence to her normal life.
“Family can’t live with ‘em, can’t seem to run far enough to find out if you can live without ‘em.”
Turns out Montana Caporossi, 29, is more than just the sexy stranger from Andrea’s flight. He’s a whole lot of swoon worthy with an edge of danger and just enough steamy ideas to make him the perfect book boyfriend. 
“‘We still get smashed, but instead of fighting, I fuck the frustration right out of you. Repeat as needed until you’re feeling better or we pass out.’
‘From the sex or the alcohol?’
‘Leave room for a little mystery, pudding pop.’”
Andrea and Montana’s wild adventures not only keep the couple on their toes but provide plenty of excitement for the reader. I was never sure what crazy catastrophe was about to unfold next, but it certainly kept me turning pages into the late hours. Not only was Montana dreamy in that alpha bad boy way, but Andrea was a strong and feisty heroine, and I loved how she didn’t take anyone’s shit. 
“She could’ve raised hell, but instead she’s floating down the aisle like an angel in a dress that puts me in a mood to be a devil.”
How will Andrea escape an arranged marriage to her lover’s half brother? 💒 What will the “Families” do when they discover Andrea’s carrying a little souvenir from her flight? 👶 And what every romance reader is on the edge of their seat to find out—can Andrea and Montana pull off another hot clandestine quickie without getting caught? 💋😉
“‘Dancing is just like sex, but with more clothes. I’d be surprised if we didn’t move well together.’”
Specific scenes that deserve a mention: I enjoyed the witty way the two met; the trip to the pharmacy was funny; Andrea’s ever changing nicknames for Montana were cute and fitting for her sassy character; and the onsies—OMG, they were perfect!

Told via Andrea and Montana’s first person POV, this is a fabulous upbeat, safe, romantic adventure story that focuses on the main couple and pleasingly avoids angst outside of the mob kind, of course. And this is “mob-lite”—most supporting characters more colorful and intriguing that dark. And by the end of the story, I found myself rooting for two other characters to get a book of their own love story.  But in the meantime, I definitely recommend booking this flight! 


~Special Feature~
Book Boyfriend Data Sheet

Name: Montana Pierce Caporossi

Age: 29

Birthday: 🎂 July 9th

Birthplace: 🌎 Chicago, IL, USA

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215 lbs
Length: If you tell me deeper, I'll always be happy to oblige.😉
Girth: Oh yes.

Turn-ons:👍 Sassy women and fucking in highly inappropriate places. 

Turn-offs:👎Controlling step-fathers, bitchy mothers-in-law and cock-blocking half-brothers.

Guilty Pleasures: 🍩 Donuts. 

Jobs before “current line of work”: A stint in the Navy, blowing things up and making sure supplies get to where they need to be. 

Kids’ toy I wish they had when I was a kid: 📱Smart phones. Isn't that what all the kids have now? My phone still sucks.

First thing in the morning I always…: ...go for a run 🏃, shower up 🚿, then wake Andrea up the best way I know how.😜

Preferred place to shop: 🏬 Anywhere where I get the Caporossi Family discount, if you know what I mean.

Favorite type of cheese: I'll eat most anything, but I can sure as hell tell you what it's not. Epoisses. Stinks like feet and sticks to everything. Trust me.

Favorite song:🎶 Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" has been growing on me lately. At least the drunk karaoke version.🎤

Favorite 📚Books/ 🎥 Movies /📺 TV shows: I like funny shit, things that make me laugh. It's a dour business I'm in, and I much prefer play to work. Give me Deadpool or those old Leslie Nielsen movies.

A big thanks to Kim Linwood for making Montana available for this interview feature!

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