Friday, January 17, 2020

BOOK REVIEW: Miss Understanding by Aubrey Bondurant

4.5 Stars

Kendall Tate, 24, is a legal secretary with a hot-cold boss. As in he has a cold demeanor, but he’s hot to look at. Liam Davenport, 32, is determined to keep his assistant at a distance.  As a workaholic, he doesn’t want anything getting in his way—like a relationship.
“Cinderella had her dress. Now I just wondered if my Prince Charming would be a dick at the ball.”
Liam starts out pretty cold and abrupt, but he grows as the story progresses (with his family background being explored/revealed) and learns to be more cordial and less rigid. Kendall certainly brings out the best in him. I came to really like Liam as a solid responsible guy who wasn’t a player or a creep and who displayed integrity with his work ethics and standards.
Kendall handled him well so kudos for the presentation of a capable heroine who wasn’t weak or wishy-washy.  Kendall was articulate and hard-working with goals for a career that better fit her passions.

While their professional relationship takes a turn for the personal during an unexpected trip, it never felt rushed or insta-love. Both the characters and the romance are well developed.
“Mr. Robot, Mr. Icy, Mr. I-had-like-fifty-ways-I’d-like-to-see-him-suffer only a week ago was a master at eating pussy.”
Told via Kendall and Liam’s alternating first person POV, the story largely stays focused on the internal struggles both between them and within Liam as he learns to deal with his internal battles.

I do wish some of the sex scenes would have been better detailed (a few were glossed over) and I would have liked to see Liam’s “scandal” play out. But all in all it was an enjoyable, relaxing read.

Romance Safety Details: 

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