Thursday, January 23, 2020

BOOK REVIEW: Yes Daddy by B.B. Hamel

3 Stars

Hazel Cook is a recent college graduate with a degree in art/painting. With student loans to pay for, Hazel takes a well paying but eccentric job as a personal assistant for the elusive Mason Ward, 40. But Mason’s request for his assistant quickly becomes more and more personal.

Hazel starts out with some spunk and backbone, but by about the halfway point, after an orgasm or two, she becomes compliant and naïve. I liked her better in the beginning.
Mason has some intrigue to him. I wasn’t always sure how to take him. On one hand, his office duties are demeaning. At the same time, there are definitely hints of Mason’s troubled circumstances—he’s a bit dark and brooding, clearly struggling with personal guilt.  I suppose I would call it a semi-dark romance.  None the less, I would have liked to have seen both characters developed a little deeper.

I kinda felt like the ‘daddy’ thing was just thrown in there to check a few more kink boxes, but I suppose there could be some underlying psychological component to it. I’m not sure if readers are supposed to read into that or not. Again more development would have helped here.

Told via Hazel and Mason’s dual alternating first person POV, there’s an obvious villain who creates a brief conflict, but otherwise it’s fairly low angst.

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