Monday, September 1, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Rocking Ashton by Kacey Hamford

Rocking Ashton by Kacey Hamford

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Book Description: When Marcy is faced with tough decisions after facing the loss of her father, will she run or will she stay and fight for her man?

Marcy’s story continues in book 4 of the Rocking series with yet more tests of her relationship with Rick and her best friend Esme. With the arrival of Ashton, Rick’s son, Marcy needs to decide what she wants from her life and with her own revelations, both her and Rick have some decisions to make.

But with Ashton’s birth mother turning up on numerous occasions, both Rick and Marcy are in for a rough ride, one that will follow them through Rick’s tour with Flix and will penetrate every area of their lives.

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