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BOOK REVIEW: Dark Frame by Iris Blaire

Our steamy semester is still in session with the East Park class of super, sexy models but we're leaving campus for Harvard in...

Dark Frame (East Park #2) by Iris Blaire
(Grades will be given in lieu of stars for these titles)

Sex Sells But at What Price for the East Park Co-eds?

Photographer and East Park Exposed founder Britain McCulley has sold the magazine into the big leagues. So fame, fortune, and success should be at the East Park gang’s door, right?

Not quite.

This sequel to Exposure picks up a few months later. Evan and Dallas are still together but ready to go their separate ways for schooling; meanwhile, Britain is getting ready to take the magazine national. But when everyone convenes on a creepy mansion for the first shoot under the direction of their new boss, the great and powerful Oz—A.J. Harrison, Brit and the gang discover they aren't in Kansas anymore.

Things go from tense to worse on the set as Evan and Dallas’s relationship is rocky, Harrison’s overbearing presence is sucking the creativity and sparkle right out of the shoots, and Brit must sort out her feelings for a past crush when her older brother’s best friend, Jaimie, shows up for a modeling job. Yet for the reader, all this turmoil intensifies the sexual tension and the encounters between the models become more heated.
This book features an alternating POV between Evan and Britain rather than Evan and Dallas this time around.  I enjoyed the inclusion of Britain, and she is most definitely further developed as a character in this story.  Missed Dallas’s POV as there is ambiguity at certain points regarding what he’s thinking and doing.  Britain’s “love interest” Jaimie is introduced as a new character and he’s definitely an intriguing character. Boy can this boy “apologize” for his past mistakes.

There is one catch with this edition (as opposed to the first). There is a cliff-hanger (groan). But the good news is that there’s no more waiting for the next issue.  Aberration is available! We’ll cover it in class tomorrow. For now, class dismissed.

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East Park books #1-3 in the Shut Up and Model for Me collection.
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