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5 Questions with the East Park Co-eds

*Reader Warning: It is strongly recommended that Exposure, Dark Frame, and Aberration be read before this interview to avoid spoilers.

Book-Bosomed Blog caught up with the East Park models Evan, Dallas, and Jaime as well as photographer-in-chief Britain yesterday afternoon for a quick chat about love, life, and future plans.  Yes, all the gang was clothed. Like their "creator" Iris Blaire, the group answered five burning questions for this blog based off their stories. 

Evan— you and Dallas had some issues when you had to go separate ways and you even broke up for a little while, but you seem in a better place now. Are you two secure in your relationship at this point? Any plans for the future as in engagement, marriage, babies?

Evan: Hah! Dallas and I are both very wrapped up in our careers, so the thought of children terrifies us both. Marriage? Maybe somewhere down the line, but right now we're very happy with our relationship and living situation, sharing an apartment near Boston.

*Interviewer imagines they would make some very photogenic babies some day but Evan is right; they are young and have plenty of time.*

Dallas— Evan was insecure about your relationship during the separation and she wasn't comfortable with Laina, your research partner in Costa Rica. Did you ever consider anything happening between you and Laina while Evan and you were broken up or was the interest only on Laina’s side? Did Laina ever try to cross any lines? 

Dallas: Cross any lines? I wouldn't go that far. She was flirty and I was single, so she totally had the right to flirt. But my head was too wrapped around Evan to respond to any of her advances. I hope she finds a great guy though, because she's a sweet and very smart girl.

Britain— How are things with your family?  Have your parents come around at all?  Do you think they will ever open their minds?

Britain: Well, if you consider pulling my inheritance coming around! I haven't actually talked to either of them since the incident, but my mom still texts me every once in a while to ask how I am. I think my dad's still too bitter about Jaime turning down his job offer to come work for me. As for opening their minds--well, some people are just stuck in their ways, if you catch my drift.

Britain and JaimeBritain you learned a little more about Jaime’s sexuality during the last shoot. How does that play into your current relationship? Are you two totally committed to each other or are you open to bringing someone else into the bedroom? For example, could you handle Jaime and Adam?  Jaime, how would you feel about that?

Britain: I'm not gonna lie, the whole three-way kiss in Boston was pretty damn hot. And I still have a good time shooting Jaime, regardless of who his modeling partner is. As for the bedroom? We're pretty exclusive right now.

Jaime: It's one thing to have multiple partners (at once *wicked grin*) when you're single, but being with someone else right now isn't really that appealing to me. I like guys, but I don't miss being with them, know what I mean? Britain's it for me right now, which I'm good with.

*Interviewer swoons a little right now at how ornery but sweet Jaime is*.

Evan, Dallas, Brit, Jaime— Where do you all see yourselves 5 or 10 years down the road, both personally and professionally?

Evan: Hopefully I'll have finished my PhD and be working in a lab. And still be with Dallas, of course. As for modeling? It will probably be a thing of the past, except for when Britain wants to test out some new experimental project on me and Dallas, which is happening more often than not. *raises eyebrow at Britain*

Dallas: Be finished with school. Hoping to split my time between traveling for work and being Evan's love slave.

Britain: Taking over ze world with pornography! MUAHAHAHA!

Jaime: I'll be done with my master's and working full-time at managing Britain's expenses as she takes over the world with pornography.

*Interviewer thinks Britain will keep every one of them employed via pornography for years to come. And that’s just fine by their fans! *

All three books are now available in the Shut Up and Model for Me collection.

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